friction clutch

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a clutch in which one part turns the other by the friction between them

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In this paper it is analysed the possibility to use a magnetic coupler (MC) instead of the lever actuated friction clutch. There are researched the design parameters, with which could be obtained the mechanical torque of MC such, that would satisfy SGPM's nominal torque equal 250 rpm.
Desmet, "Modeling and analysis of wet friction clutch engagement dynamics," Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol.
As an example, the comparison between the proposed "Eddy-CT" and a conventional PGT, where the friction clutch is replacing the 6th gear synchronizer, is shown below.
Tenders are invited for Friction Clutch Sub Assembly Complete With Clutch Bush, 44 Teeth Timing Belt Pulley, Clutch Plate, Spring And Adjusting Nut For Heidze Barriers Or Similar.
(j) LV7/STLN 2520-012677 Housing Friction Clutch NOS 80
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Ord Stores, Housing Friction Clutch
Tenders are invited for Supply Of New Friction Clutch Complete With Clutch Bush, Approx 50 Teeth Timing Belt Pulley, Clutch Plate,Spring And Adjesting Nut Heidz India Make Along With New Timing Belt L300.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Lv7/Stln 2520-012677 Housing Friction Clutch
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Lv7/Stln/2520-012677 Housing Friction Clutch Lv7/Tmb/2786-1599-9906 Alternator 24 Volts 45 Amps Lv7/Tmb/2786-0913-9908 Air Filter Element Primary
Tenders are invited for Supply of plate pressure friction clutch casting cast to drg no ifl 8418
The engine had two flywheels, each 18-inches in diameter, to provide "steadier power," and the rig was lever controlled, so the operator could instantly start or stop the saw by means of a friction clutch, without stopping the engine.
The engine is mated to a Dana Spicer transaxle through a Comet friction clutch. The transaxle provides automatic forward and reverse shifting.
It can also be used by OEMs seeking flexibility in a standard friction clutch.
"The Ottawa does away with all the oldtime, back-breaking work of cross-cut sawing or lugging logs to a circular saw, at the cost of 1-1/2 cents a cord." Not only was the Ottawa friction clutch saw inexpensive and easy to operate, the promotional writer noted, it was wildly efficient: "Does the work of 10-15 able bodied men!"
The friction clutch has long, heavy shoes that cover about half of the flywheel; they held fast when the clutch was thrown in.