friction clutch

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a clutch in which one part turns the other by the friction between them

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As an example, the comparison between the proposed "Eddy-CT" and a conventional PGT, where the friction clutch is replacing the 6th gear synchronizer, is shown below.
In this paper it is analysed the possibility to use a magnetic coupler (MC) instead of the lever actuated friction clutch.
A completely new drive-train was designed including a more reliable and efficient Honda GX-35 four-stroke engine, a dry-plate friction clutch, and an overall 20:1 gear reduction.
This, however, worked best on the altitude axis when the scope was well balanced; otherwise the friction clutch had to be set too tightly to allow easy pushing of the scope.
Included with the diesel power package was a flywheel-mounted Stromag MWU electrically operated pole-face friction clutch, to allow for automatic or manual engagement of the diesel engine.
Deltran PT announces the availability of its CS-08 series friction clutch with a "snap-on" gear feature.
Siemens Energy and Automation (known in Canada as Siemens Milltronics) brought out the Milltronics Pointek PLS 200, whose rugged design and new friction clutch are said to increase longevity and reliability, even in harsh conditions.
Stourbridge-based Worcester Presses is to supply P&B Metal Components with eight friction clutch presses.
The friction clutch provides lower torque performance than any of the clutches described (up to 3 in-ib), but it offers excellent torque control for special jobs such as clamping brittle components.
Complementing Raybestos' friction clutch plates, Steel Parts manufactures the mating non-friction clutch plates for OEM transmissions and provides high-volume stamping and value-added processing capabilities to the platform.
Tenders are invited for Release Ring Iii Friction Clutch 172.
Figure 1 shows the simplified schematic diagram of single plate dry friction clutch in disengaged condition.
Desmet, "Modeling and analysis of wet friction clutch engagement dynamics," Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol.
6 March 2012 a[euro]" US private equity investor Monomoy Capital Partners LP said in a statement it had bought Raybestos PowerTrain LLC, an Indiana-based supplier of vehicle transmissions and friction clutch plates.
The friction clutch used when driving forward or backward with the engine was made out of basswood, which was a special wood without growth rings," he says.