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Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

a state of conflict between persons


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the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another

effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure

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"Just so," replied Nicholl; "but in what proportion do you estimate the diminution of speed by friction?"
Hundreds of meteorites, ignited by the friction of the atmosphere, irradiated the shadow of the luminous train, and lined the cloudy parts of the disc with their fire.
[18] performed some nanoscale measurements in order to examine the friction microscale phenomena behavior in ball-on-disk tribological tests under boundary lubrication regime.
[19] conducted a research to determine the wear and friction behavior of self-mated [Si.sub.3][N.sub.4] pairs in lubricated ball-on-flat reciprocating sliding conditions by using diesel fuel and soybean biodiesels as the lubricants.
The tribological properties were investigated by the characterization of friction coefficient and wear rate under both dry and oil sliding conditions to determine optimal Zr[B.sub.2] content.
1, tribological properties were investigated by pin-on-disk friction and wear tester MPX-2G.
2017), and the optimization of the cutting tool structure (McKenzie 1991) are commonly used to reduce the coefficient of friction.
The forces acting on the tool are the tangential friction force, T, and the force normal to it, N.
For friction performance tests, a full-scale brake pad device with grey cast iron disk was used.
According to whether the consideration of friction or not, up to date, the buckling research can be classified in two categories: the conservative and the non-conservative system.
The friction surface temperature and the friction coefficient of the friction cone are the critical influences on the shift control accuracy and shift quality.
Friction in a vehicle brake system is affected by a friction pair in various ways during its life, as illustrated in Fig.
In addition, various experiments based on modal analysis and numerical methods such as the complex eigen value analysis to avoid the resonance of brake components have been performed to determine the conditions to avoid friction instability [4, 5, 6].
The additional problems of friction brake noise and judder aren't mentioned even though they cause noise pollution and huge expense to vehicle manufacturers if post-sale rectification is required.
However, the transverse tangential vibration and sliding motion were separated in the plane, and the material properties of the friction pair were the same.