fricative consonant

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a continuant consonant produced by breath moving against a narrowing of the vocal tract

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The voiceless fricative consonant phoneme MP *s regularly derived in ISP as *s, and is present in all word positions; beginning, middle and the end of the word.
The click consonants as they are used in Ndebele today are not originally Ndebele sounds but are a result of lexical borrowing like the inter-dental fricative consonants.
When such subjects get HAs that increase access to high-frequency cues, acclimatization implies, by definition [1], increased use of high-frequency speech cues and improved recognition of high-frequency phonemes, like plosive and fricative consonants.
Type of semiocclusion Examples Sustained semiocclusion (a) singing vowels into a straw or tube (b) sustained phonation of voiced fricative consonants, such as /v/, /z/, /[?