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a monastery of friars

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The two units in The Friary are currently let to the Slug and Lettuce Company and Revolucion de Cuba.
The friary, Franciscan Friary of Folloni, is said to have been founded by the saint himself just a few years before the bread delivery is said to have occurred, when he and another friar were denied entry to the city of Montella due to suspicion they had leprosy and walked about half a mile to forest coverage where they found shelter from snow and slept.
The Friary branch is the perfect partnership between two Welsh brands.
Three trenches were opened in the car park of a council social services building, which 18th Century maps indicated was the site of the friary.
In opening the case, prosecutor Anthony Potter said Simpson's work as a parish priest meant he was attached to Olton Friary and also had links to a Roman Catholic primary school.
From the east end of the Minster we follow Minsteryard South ahead to turn left into Eastgate where Beverley Friary covers ground on our right hand side.
Buyer: Arthur J Gallagher & Co, Friary Intermediate Limited
And that's how Judge Barbas and his wife ended up at the friary just about every Sunday afternoon for nine months, standing on ladders and painting the 8-foot-by-10-foot mural, pausing to share lunches and conversations with Franciscan brothers who became like family.
There was a new wave of friary and third order foundations, almost a hundred of them, mostly in the Irish-speaking heartlands from Rathmullan in the far north to Sherkin Island in the far south of Ireland.
The archaeologists suspect the grave could belong to one of three prestigious figures known to buried at the friary.
Now a team has begun a new dig at Grey Friars Church and will spend a month excavating the choir area with the hope of revealing more about the medieval friary.
Former long-term Bahrain resident Anne McNutthas passed away peacefully at the Friary Hospital, Richmond.
Antony Collins, guardian of the Gorbals friary, said: "The relics were owned by a French family and were left to an elderly sister who felt she couldn't keep them.