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a monastery of friars

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Three trenches were opened in the car park of a council social services building, which 18th Century maps indicated was the site of the friary.
The investment will see the existing layout at Friary Road improved to allow two lanes of traffic to enter and exit the city and will include the provision of dedicated right turn lanes.
In opening the case, prosecutor Anthony Potter said Simpson's work as a parish priest meant he was attached to Olton Friary and also had links to a Roman Catholic primary school.
From the east end of the Minster we follow Minsteryard South ahead to turn left into Eastgate where Beverley Friary covers ground on our right hand side.
The friary recently underwent restoration as part of the PS5.
There are still some very old plum trees on the site of the old friary which experts believe could be descendants of those grown by the monks.
The team has speculated that this could contain one of the founders of the friary - Peter Swynsfeld, who died in 1272, or William of Nottingham, who died in 1330, or a medieval knight called Sir William Moton.
The excavations discovered not only the friary church, but also a grave that may have contained the remains of Richard III.
Alternatively donations can be made to the Friends of The Friary, again via Blenkiron's.
Aglish-based handler RJ McGrath has a fine prospect on his hands in newcomer The Friary, who impressed by winning the first division in the hands of Declan Queally.
The Pope will be staying at the friary of the Holy Cross Church, which lies partially in the buffer zone near Paphos Gate in Nicosia and partially in the Turkish occupied area of northern Nicosia.
Joseph Friary, located in the Sugar Hill area of Harlem, in New York City's borough of Manhattan.
Easy to overlook when skimming the images, the plan shows the masterful way in which the architects have unified friary and church with a new residential cloister.
A THREE-foot high statue of Jesus Christ has been stolen from a North Wales friary.
One of his biggest errors is his proposed demolition of St Mary of the Angels, also known as the Friary, in Fox Street, Everton, built by White Star Line heiress, Amy Elizabeth Imrie.