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excessive breakableness


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It was determined that the friability of the silicon carbide briquettes increased as the silicon carbide content decreased.
Tests such as sieve analysis, apparent density, friability, were performed as previously reported(2).
Initially, when the molding sand was first tested for these properties, friability was 18% and cone jolt toughness was 25 jolts at a methylene blue clay level of 6%.
flow and mixing, as well as hardness and friability.
Overall, the mixer/cooler improves sand quality and provides increased shear strength, wet tensile strength and flowability, better gas permeability, lower water content at the same compactibility, and reduced friability of molding sand.
Friability, erosion and sand inclusions all are symptoms of excessively high clay/water ratios.
Figures 3 and 4 show friability and moldability test results, which provide evidence of this difference in moisture distribution and its effect in the mechanical properties of the sand.
Soil friability for each field plot was estimated from the variation of Y and [E.
Commentary: The signs and symptoms of vulvovaginal atrophy are very common in postmenopausal women and include pale epithelium, vulvo-vaginal dryness and thinning, inflammation, petechiae, increased friability, and vulvovaginal pain with touch.
Instead of the static binary of creator and subaltern creation, we find a physics of friability and contingency, nonhierarchical concatenations of elements that act on and with one another in ways that can't be predetermined.
The structure helps the friability of grinding wheel, or rather, the ability of abrasive grits to fracture and self-sharpen under stress.
Various aspects, including thickness, diameter, weight, hardness, friability, disintegration time and drug content, were investigated.
Influence of clay mineralogy, texture, and organic carbon content on the friability index of soils cultivated with sugar cane.
Specific testing activity includes: assay and related substances by HPLC (UV and RI) and UPLC-UV; assay by titration; water content (Karl Fisher); pH; viscosity; osmolality; density/specific gravity; disintegration; dissolution and UV; and; hardness and friability for tablets.