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framework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal

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Keywords: Marble, Fretwork, Jahangir Tomb, Pakistan, Mineralogy, Petrography.
Now in a completely revised and significantly expanded new edition, the "Complete Book of Gourd Carving: Ideas and Instructions for Fretwork, Relief, Chip Carving, and Other Decorative Methods" by gourd craft experts Jim Widess and Ginger Summit is a profusely and beautifully illustrated, 224 page compendium that is an essential guide to gourd carving and specifically addressing every method and style of the art.
Give a modern bookcase an aged feel by adding mouldings and fretwork panels and painting the whole lot.
A pair of finger cymbals as used on Tiger Feet, A platform heel broken by the bass player from Sweet, A battered Rickenbacker, a knackered Stratocaster, A set of marbled plectrums spanning the entire spectrum, Clapton, Blackmore, Frampton, Jimmy Page and Alvin Lee; 'Shame the old boy's fretwork ain't as sharp as what it used to be.
Retta's powerful vocals and Smith's eastern tinged fretwork being cut from rich and varied, with No Money, No Love, with its big chorus and powerful, driving groove along with the skyscraping melody of Waiting For the World To End being two of the stand T -out cuts from the album that were even better live.
Today you can find ceramic garden seats sheathed in shimmering gold or silver metallic paint, but a consistent design feature is the fretwork or pierced motif.
Prescott has a large trellis design and Allison is inspired by the scrolling fretwork of a delicate iron.
There were prizes for best decorated boat and best crew Pictured (left) Richard Searson, of Meltham, displays his FRETWORK tmc100913water1
Stunning fretwork and a pitch perfect Martin vocal set the tone for a spectacular evening.
An exhibition of calligraphers, gilding, as well as metal fretwork specialists entitled A1/2The Holy Koran in the light of Iranian arte has opened in Astana.
In what transpired as a love-in for guitarists, with more frenzied fretwork than you could shake a plectrum at, the colourful sight of Tubelord (complete with Michael Jackson shrine) kept the momentum going.
Sugary pink with white-painted timber frames or honeycomb yellow with elaborate wooden fretwork, many of the houses date back to the 1800s and their steep pointed turrets, latticed iron clock towers and high ceilings have brought a touch of magic to Haiti's urban landscape for many decades.
The shaped top is carved with organic tooling above blind fretwork frieze.
The walnut wood has a unique color, grain and sheen and the carving and fretwork done on it is of the finest quality.
The fact is, there's some absolutely fantastic fretwork happening in these songs, and some amazing shifts in tone and tempo that have to be admired.