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fine-toothed power saw with a narrow blade

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Also terra-cotta The sky was still a terra-cotta frieze over which her grandfather still held sway with the set square, fretsaw, stencil, plumb line, and carpenter's pencil his grand father brought from Roma.
In contrast, the even narrower features on the right are characterised by faint longitudinal grooves, consistent with the use of a saw to enlarge the drilled hole, in the manner of a fretsaw.
FUW county executive officer Sin Llwyd's boyfriend, Ifor Jones, spent a couple of hours shaping it with a fretsaw before she painted it black and white.
All those silly pub names like the Frogspawn and Fretsaw are going to be scrapped.
I fast became expert at fretsaw and lathe, a dab hand with a paint brush.
But, tired of the pain, Sir Ranulph tried to hack off his fingertips with a fretsaw.
They were also times that included Anne Cronin Mosey's 'activity analysis' and 'conscious use of self ', macrame, collage, and even the bicycle fretsaw, as well as the early editions of 'Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy' and, not to mention the big shoulder pads, 80's music, and whacky hairdo's.
Like that fretsaw set, the essential present for every boy.