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Would it prove effective or not will be reckoned with time however the cause of fretfulness remains that even after 16 years of war, with thousands dead and innumerable wounded, it still has no clear end in sight.
The anxiety and loneliness of a modern poet in the urban wilderness of 21st century Karachi, and the fretfulness and madness of Mir in the decadence of 18th century Delhi and Lucknow, come to one.
2% in 2016; driven by the presence of large consumer base suffering from various kinds of depression and fretfulness disorders.
The latter are related to decreased degrees of distress, whereas severe behavior issues are likely to be constructively related to fretfulness.
As America voted, a cartoon in the left-leaning Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz captured a sense of that fretfulness, depicting friends sitting outside a typical falafel stand and discussing in nerdy detail how the ballot turn out.
As a fellow ex-Voice-nik, I also marvel at Conason using a cant phrase like "leader of the free world" unironically, not to mention sympathizing as he does with Clinton staffers' fretfulness about protecting the boss's "brand," even when it was still a brand without a product.
Now, the character traits of most people in respect of the obligation of reliance and its inception, and of such qualities by virtue of which they become deserving of the designation of reliance, are that they harbour hastiness in their hearts, become disconcerted when denied, prone to agitation in the heart over something they deem to be an affliction, given over to preoccupation with causes and digging into them, and love of plenty, avid desire for amassing wealth, and fretfulness over loss and joyfulness over gain.
Mothers tell their children to "Go outside," as a cure for all kinds of fretfulness and complaints.
Does Jon Richardson's obsessiveness and fretfulness make you roll around in fits of laughter?
The fretfulness over cuts in programs that were made in 2011 - the last time lawmakers faced a large shortfall - is replaced now with hopefulness over what might be possible with all of this money available.
Sinking into suicidal lethargy," overwhelmed with an horrible hypochondria, with perpetual irritation, fretfulness, and impatience; and with a dejection, gloom, and despair, which made existence misery.
Nevertheless, their unique eagerness and most of the times a formidable level of push from interested entities, which are inherently fervent to pressure Pakistan's armed forces at all costs, impels them to take a meaningful trip to otherwise terror ridden Pakistan in pursuit of something more exiting that is primarily aimed at triggering fretfulness among desired addressees in addition to enhancing the salability of their work.
Such a shift in thinking will facilitate acceptance of the changes, reduce resistance to them, and quiet the fretfulness from unmet expectations.
When the doctor advised that the intense dry heat of Wyalong's climate was probably instrumental in the child's continued fretfulness and nightmare headaches, Bea and James decided to take up the offer of Bea's newly-married (20) sister, Ellen, in a kind of fostering arrangement common in settler Irish families at the time.
has invested in the last twelve years is causing fretfulness among the White House guards as well as the Pentagon military strategists.