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Synonyms for freshman



Synonyms for freshman

Synonyms for freshman

a first-year undergraduate

used of a person in the first year of an experience (especially in United States high school or college)

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Thus, it is not surprising that the millennial generation would embrace the introduction of a computer proficiency exam versus sitting through a freshman IT course.
--Scott Pollom, freshman at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and former Cathedral peer mentor
10% of college freshman have doubts about spiritual/religious matters.
Honors Freshman Symposium is the cornerstone course for our honors experience.
As with alcohol, so with sex: At the end of nay first week of freshman training, my cadre explicitly told my platoon that sex between platoon members was a strictly forbidden act, as was sex between freshmen and upperclassmen--within a month, both rules had been broken.
As a freshman legislator, I felt pretty confident about that Supreme Court pronouncement and assumed that would be the end of the posting issue.
Specifically, Rae focuses on the politics of the government shutdown and how the freshman Republicans handled this conflict with Clinton.
Columbia, SC: National Research Center for the Freshman Year Experience and Students in Transition, University of South Carolina.
Our focus is primarily on presidents in their first term, freshman legislators in their own first terms, and the fundamental political tasks facing them and their party.
The daily schedule of three dance classes and five academic--including nutrition, anatomy, dance injury, English, math, and history--can be grueling, and by the end of the freshman year the body count often drops to 65 or 64, in which case another audition is held to fill those spots.
Matthews describes the freshman senator of the 1950s as a second-class legislator, receiving poor committee assignments and having few resources.(4) The "new senator [of the 1950s] is expected to keep his mouth shut, not to take the lead in floor fights, to listen and to learn."(5) Changes were, however, being implemented.
IN the early days of Syracuse University, in Syracuse, New York, from the 1870s on, upperclassmen greeted freshmen with salt: they salted the chapel benches of freshmen, threw salt at freshmen, and rubbed salt into the hair of any freshman they could catch.
Although the freshman class of newly-elected congressmen is the largest in four decades, the new legislators generally have not won seats on committees of' interest to the nursing home community.
Webster's New World Dictionary displays just what we need: "freshman...
Viewed from another angle, that 75 percent is the drop in usual freshman enrollment in private higher-learning institutions.