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Khartoum, 25 Mars (SUNA) Un protocole d'entente a ete signe entre l' pour autorite nationale des telecommunications et son homologue au Tchad pour etendre les cables a fibres optiques et regler le chevauchement de frequences de sur la frontiere entre les deux pays.
Sensibiliser la population a l'importance de la fonction renale pour la sante et reduire la frequence et les repercussions des maladies renales et de leurs complications partout dans le monde.
com/en-my/news/3956/transfer-zone/2013/09/09/4248433/i-never-wanted-to-leave-tottenham-says-adebayor) Frequence 1 .
La prise de poids favorise l'hypertension arterielle, dont la frequence depasse celle des hommes apres 59 ans.
Abstract: Infrared spektroseopy is a measuring technique using different material ability to absorb the frequence of IR ray.
NURTS has 800 re-broadcast points throughout the country, including an experimental multiplex where multiple channels are compressed to fit in one digital broadcast frequence, and employs 500 people.
When you look at Somalia and the frequence of piracy attacks that have been taking place, we're up to about 61 this year alone and a large majority of those will involve a ransom of payment being demanded, certainly for the return of the cargo or for the crew," he said.
Pour les deux tiers des femmes, la principale raison de la frequence des echographies etait de s'assurer du developpement normal du faetus.
Il a pour but d'i dentifier et de recompenser les reporters exceptionnels sur le VIH et le Sida, de meme que motiver les journalistes a augmenter la frequence de leur couverture du sujet dans leurs produits," a indique Prof.
Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the United States and the world, is using its clout to make reluctant suppliers get with its program of using radio frequence identification (RFID) wireless tagging on shipments.
Beginning in June, the Air France Frequence Plus and KLM Flying Dutchman programs will be merged into a single program, called Flying Blue.
In: Telephonie Mobile--Effets Potentiels sur la Sante des Ondes Electromagnetiques de Haute Frequence (Pietteur Marco, ed).
Cityjet, in conjunction with partner Air France, offers Frequence Plus - a loyalty programme where members earn miles based on the distance and class of their trips.
The promotion - available to L'Espace Premiere First Class and L'Espace Affaires Business Class passengers and members of the airline's frequent flyer programme, Frequence Plus - is valid for all Air France transatlantic flights taken by 15 March 2003.
Patients typically hear normally at low frequencies but experience sudden and rapid loss of hearing in the high frequence range.