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in a very agitated manner


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The parent organisation of the BJP and a host of other Sangh Parivar outfits has been working frenetically behind the scenes to strengthen the party's prospect of returning to power.
In the video called, "Harlem Shake Frontier Flight 157," members of the ultimate Frisbee team from Colorado College and other passengers are shown frenetically dancing in the aisle and in front of seats last month on the packed Frontier Airlines flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego.
But the frenetically interlocking forms also evoke the admixture of biology, industry, and consumerism that is Tanaami's fever dream.
This frenetically paced, older-teen novel treads dangerously on the slippery slope of the consequences of one' s involvement with drugs and reckless behavior.
The visibly bloated singer displayed erratic behaviour throughout the afternoon - flailing her hands frenetically as she spoke to Brandy and Monica, skipping around the ballroom in a child-like fashion and wandering aimlessly about the lobby.
The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, says that he will present an application for Palestine to join the UN immediately after he addresses the General Assembly on Sept 23, as diplomats worked frenetically to try to limit the fallout from the application.
According to a senior official of the Central Bank of Oman (CBO), conventional banks are moving frenetically in a bid to be among the first to hit the market with Islamic banking services.
Berlusconi, embroiled in a sex scandal and facing three trials for corruption, had campaigned frenetically to turn the elections into a vote on him and his national policies, but the strategy spectacularly backfired.
Predation from sharks, snook, tarpon, grouper and other species foraging on passing mullet and sardines in Florida's ocean inlets and passes make them favorite spots for anglers, and they're among the most frenetically active ecotones within our easy reach.
Even if ordinarily you prefer more sedate pursuits you can find yourself doing them that much more frenetically.
Over the next few weeks our bloggers will post frenetically
With the bus network expanding as frenetically as the city, the demands for new bus shelters are also increasing and to cope with the existing and future demands the authorities are studying a proposal to set up 1,500 more shelters in the near future.
That placement of "being" is key: these poems, often about disposable parts of our culture, are frenetically alive.
She shaves off all of her hair, becomes anorexic, and frenetically immerses herself in the cultas daily reenactment of the Egyptian goddessa search for Osiris, reliving, as Cecilia sees it, athe pain of each premature death.
I give the example of Switzerland, where the erection of new mosques with minarets have been banned; France, where Muslim women are disallowed from wearing full Islamic dress; and the Netherlands, where white Dutch politicians are frenetically passing all forms of legislation to keep their country as snow-white as possible.