french fries

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strips of potato fried in deep fat

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The employee says they do not have hamburgers or French fries.
The big winner was chef Matt O'Neill from David Burke Kitchen, who competed for the best French fries pairing with the region's full-bodied red wines.
The research indicated that those who died were the ones who ate the most fried potatoes, and not just french fries either, as any form of potato seared in boiling hot oil - including hash browns and tater tots - was found to be the main reason for early death.
We then developed a model relating the NIRS output to the amount of acrylamide in the French fries, showing that we could rapidly estimate the acrylamide content using the NIRS technology, which is also less expensive than the standard analytical chemistry methods.
Acrylamide production in french fries may be reduced by cooking in olive oil.
The french fries, called ''Satisfries,'' were a big bet for Burger King when they were announced in September.
The purpose of this study was to optimize pre-frying and frying conditions of deep-frozen yam slices, by comparing the qualities of fried yam slices with the standard quality (oil content, dry matter, color and texture) of potato French fries.
French fries of Seydibey Integrated Facilities will also be served at restaurants of McDonald's in neighboring countries," Konuk said.
And French fries are, of course, not strictly chips, but very thin cousins twice removed that an aficionado may accept if nothing else is available.
With news of these developments swimming in my mind I went to meet the boss of the Indian operations of McCain, the world's largest producer of French fries -- it has to be the largest because McDonald's sources all its fries from the Canadian company.
of bake) the frozen French fries to get them closer to the taste of
ISLAMABAD, June 20, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Very young children who eat French fries frequently have a much higher risk of breast cancer as adults, U.
The custom-built installation is capable of handling 50 million French fries a day--and some 700 million between defrosts.
I LOVE French fries and usually order a combo meal, only to be disappointed to see the sorry state of the fries
Tefal the number one name in small domestic equipments, operating in over 120 countries worldwide has launched a revolutionary new product in the Middle East - the Actifry - which uses only one spoon of oil to cook over two pounds of French fries.