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Synonyms for freight

Synonyms for freight

something carried physically

to place a burden or heavy load on

to make or become full; put as much into as can be held

to cause to be filled, as with a particular mood or tone

Synonyms for freight

goods carried by a large vehicle

transporting goods commercially at rates cheaper than express rates

the charge for transporting something by common carrier

transport commercially as cargo

load with goods for transportation

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But freights was up, an' they hod a charter o' coals for Portland.
I am refreshed and expanded when the freight train rattles past me, and I smell the stores which go dispensing their odors all the way from Long Wharf to Lake Champlain, reminding me of foreign parts, of coral reefs, and Indian oceans, and tropical climes, and the extent of the globe.
I discoursed about it with my partner, who thereupon made a most generous offer: "You know it has been an unlucky ship," said he, "and we both resolve not to go to sea in it again; if your steward" (so he called my man) "will venture the voyage, I will leave my share of the vessel to him, and let him make the best of it; and if we live to meet in England, and he meets with success abroad, he shall account for one half of the profits of the ship's freight to us; the other shall be his own.
He paid him his freight very punctually; sent him to the Philippines loaded with Japan and China wares, and a supercargo of their own, who, trafficking with the Spaniards, brought back European goods again, and a great quantity of spices; and there he was not only paid his freight very well, and at a very good price, but not being willing to sell the ship, then the merchant furnished him goods on his own account; and with some money, and some spices of his own which he brought with him, he went back to the Manillas, where he sold his cargo very well.
As forwarders deal with rising challenges within the freight market, disruptive threats from start-up competitors have the potential to make the freight forwarder, as we know it, obsolete.
Operating commuter trains and freight trains on the same tracks is not unusual in cities in the West and Southwest, where local leaders have attempted to provide new transit options by grafting commuter rail service onto freight networks.
Customers are getting military freight an average of 15 percent faster than a year ago.
91-9, Revenue and Expense Recognition for Freight Ser vices in Process, the EITF reached a consensus that proscribes freight carriers of all types from recognizing revenue upon receipt of freight from the shipper.
In 1979 the foundry in Granite City produced freight car castings at record levels," said Norman A.
The global air freight sector grew by 7% in 2007 to reach a value of $93.
3% from 2012, the freight forwarding market is facing major challenges as it fights to stay viable in a changing global environment.
Sixteen Master Labor Contract personnel who conducted container freight station operations at the battalion will now augment the Defense Distribution Center staff at Yokosuka.
Wheeler has been a driver sales representative for Con-way Freight for 20 years and has 34 years of total driving experience.
Through a federation of 50 affiliated state trucking associations and industry-related conferences and councils, ATA is the voice of the industry America depends on most to move our nation's freight.
In recent years, the program's mission has expanded from the automation of installation transportation offices' domestic freight movement to include international shipments.
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