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Synonyms for freight

Synonyms for freight

something carried physically

to place a burden or heavy load on

to make or become full; put as much into as can be held

to cause to be filled, as with a particular mood or tone

Synonyms for freight

goods carried by a large vehicle

transporting goods commercially at rates cheaper than express rates

the charge for transporting something by common carrier

transport commercially as cargo

load with goods for transportation

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Freight bound for Puerto Rico was previously processed at the FedEx Freight facility in Newark, N.
the FedEx Freight Segment includes FedEx Freight, a leading U.
While the company generally supports extending the tracks for tourism and commuters, it would oppose freight transport.
A $177,000 study under way by the Ventura County Transportation Commission, which owns the rail right-of-way from Montalvo station in Ventura to Rancho Camulos, just west of Santa Clarita, suggests some freight hauling may be needed to pay for the rail.
Railroad freight car deliveries saw peaks of 76,000 and 74000 units in 1998 and 1999 (the largest totals since 1980).
They will build inventories and order a lot of bolsters, sideframe, coupler and wheel castings, and then freight car production can come to a screeching halt.
Transportation Command, and the Defense Logistics Agency to move defense freight more efficiently.
As an example, customers within Southern Command receive freight 23 percent faster than the 2000 baseline.
Generally, a supply of a freight transportation service will be regarded as made in a particular participating province if the destination of the freight transportation service is in that province.
Recognizing revenue when freight is received from the shipper or when freight leaves the carrier's terminal and recognizing expenses as incurred.
TransCore's monthly North American Freight Index measures trucking freight movements on the spot market, reflecting freight availability on both TransCore's U.
If Metrolink commuter trains are vulnerable on freight train rights of way, then freight trains are also vulnerable.
The change is only the latest in a series of shifted workloads at MTMC's container freight stations.
In 1978, nearly 60,000 freight cars were built in the U.
In 2012, the global air freight sector is forecast to have a value of $129.
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