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Synonyms for freewheeling

free of restraints or rules

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The second series of Freewheeling - which sees Ross tour the UK letting Twitter followers suggest random activities - airs on Dave in January.
Kwik-Fit research found 15 per cent of motorists are now freewheeling but customer services chief David White said: "The dangers make it a money-saving step too far.
At Cardiff Magistrates' Court, prosecutor Sarah Asprey, said "freewheeling" - driving a car without the engine on - was the same in law as driving.
Fusing Chinese calligraphy, martial arts, and folk ritual with freewheeling contemporary movement, the Chinese-American choreographer (and early member of Taiwan's Cloud Gate Dance Theater) keeps cultural tradition alive as she reinvigorates it for the modern eye.
The M81500FP is rated for 500V/1A, and it integrates control, drive and protection functionalities as well as IGBTs, freewheeling diodes and bootstrap diodes.
Freewheeling pedals allow the rider to coast while an adult pushes.
Haydon offers five different nut styles, from freewheeling, non-anti-backlash nuts to a user-adjustable anti-backlash nut.
His first big attention-getters, Labyrinth of Passion, Dark Habits (set in a convent of drug-dealing lesbian nuns), and the pan-sexual thriller Law of Desire, focus with documentarian precision on the cultural explosion in Madrid during the decade known as La Movida, a sexually freewheeling, druggy, political uprising that rocked Spain after the death of fascist dictator Francisco Franco in 1975.
Timothy Leary, including his accomplishments and influence with an active coterie of students, teachers, and artists during the freewheeling decade of the 1960's.
At its heart, the debate is about whether the Internet needs protection to preserve its character as a freewheeling, spontaneous forum.
Kolb paints a colorful story of his life as a freewheeling and audacious adventurer.
For applications that do not require anti-backlash control, the "N" series freewheeling nut optimizes system load carrying capability in a compact package.
By doing this, a CEO is setting down a marker for innovation that transforms it from an amorphous freewheeling activity into one that runs parallel with the company's goals.
In any case, the open, even freewheeling style in which PERFORMA05 was curated seems to hold true to an old-school downtown spirit.