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any of several plants of the genus Freesia valued for their one-sided clusters of usually fragrant yellow or white or pink tubular flowers

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Gladiolus and outside freesias grown in bold groups are perfect, as are the lesser-known South African plants, Watsonias and Tritonias.
Q ANY idea why some roses and freesias don't seem to give off any scent nowadays?
I love this Freesia gold-tone bangle with rose quartz, EUR43.
Each time I open the door to my garden, the glorious perfume reminds me how ideal a bulb freesia is for southern California.
The fragrances of crisp green apples, sweet rose petals, vibrant freesia, soothing lavender, white musk and vanilla are included to enhance the mood and pleasures of the bathroom.
Oriental Freesia Oil Tanker Not Provided -- 26/06/16 21:00 -
The expression 'florilegium' is Latin for 'a collection of flowers,' in this case Lavender, Rose and Freesia.
Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia is the new fragrance for Fall 2010, inspired by one of the last great romantic poets, John Keats, and one of the most perfect short poems in English literature - 'To Autumn' - the fleeting moment of "mists and mellow fruitfulness" when the last days of summer are edged with fresh, clear autumnal airs.
Combining patchouli, sandalwood and incense with amber, nutmeg and freesia, the fragrance is a nod to her two favourites Guerlain l'Heure Bleue and Penhaligon's Bluebell.
Freesia (FREE-zha) is a charming bulb (well, it's actually a corm) plant with charming trumpet-shaped, delicately scented flowers.
It contains freesia, the flower of friendship, and is exclusively available until the end of November.
It is commonly planted in Los Angeles bulb gardens, along with daffodil, freesia, hyacinth and Spanish bluebell.
Elicia, MV Hawk, Sidra Qatar, Mercy Wisdom, Argent Freesia and Argent Iris are currently occupying berths to load/ offload containers, cement, wheat, bitumen, steel coil, chemical and edible oil respectively.
The kit contains 20 summer-flowering bulbs (ranunculus, gladioli, freesia, anemones), a bulb planter, a packet each of basil and parsley seeds and gardening gloves.
Returning bulbs include: paper white narcissus, lachenalia, sparaxis, white freesia, nerine, crocosmia and watsonia.