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a service providing free email delivery in exchange for exposure to advertising

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The initiative, called i-plus freemail, does not require any registration or fee and will be financed by revenue from on-screen advertisers.
Mr Meyohas added: "Freemail is making on-line services more accessible to more people in the most convenient locations."
iVillage has a complete set of community features, including freemail, instant messaging, personal home pages, chats, and bulletin boards.
In addition, Swisscom will introduced a Blue Window Freemail service which offers all email messaging free, but charges extra for services such as internet access and home page hosting.
The Microsoft owned, which offers a free email service, is perhaps the best example as most people check their email first before going surfing.
GMX Internet Services Inc (Global Mail Exchange), a specialised freemail provider and a subsidiary of United Internet Group, revealed on Wednesday (2 July) the success of the beta version of its UK free e-mail service
Saroff Design, a software development house in Montana, has released FreeMail. FreeMail is a Windows software package which allows stand-alone PCs to exchange unlimited and free e-mail with other PCs.
FreeMail is a client-server package, and all connections and exchanges are fully automatic, meaning that long-distance charges will be less than what the postage would have cost to send the same amount of e-mail, and that a single phone line can handle a tremendous amount of e-mail traffic.
The service, called i-plus freemail, is part of Cityspace's i-plus online information network and will be available at information points on UK high streets, operating via a touch screen.