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Synonyms for freeloader

one who depends on another for support without reciprocating

Words related to freeloader

someone who takes advantage of the generosity of others

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Together with FreeLoader, we are making it easier to access and personalize MSNBC news content.
Designed to eradicate the two main downsides of shopping - going to the shops, and paying for stuff - freeloader.
SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SOURCE - Freeloader Solar Charger (pounds 29.
As one of the hardest working monarchs this country has had it must stick in the Queen's crawto see her eldest grandson's squeeze looking like a freeloader.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-29 February 2008-Solar Technology introduces FreeLoader 8 charger(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
In denying sole British raider Freeloader by two and a half lengths in the EUR210,000 feature, Russell and Farmer Brown landed a gamble.
My character is a freeloader who says things off the top of his head that he shouldn't say at all," he said.
A freeloader is one who lets everyone else do the work and then benefits from other's efforts.
But her friends, Darren, Michelle and Jimmy (brilliantly played by Daniel Ryan, Claire Rushbrook and Sean Gallagher) worry she's becoming too involved with a girl who they can't work out is really a freedom fighter, a free spirit or just a freeloader.
Off-line readers are of both businesses and consumers, but are probably used more by businesses today, says Joni Berkley, of Freeloader Inc.
After recapping the editorial, Gilliam wrote, "I hope the next time you consider patronizing the East Oregonian with your advertising dollars, you remember that you are nothing but a freeloader and a moocher.
The freeloader (FL) has been reading ads in Shotgun News or Cabella's catalog.
Nasdaq:INTU), today announced the launch of FreeLoader Nation, an integrated marketing and social media campaign that includes a new relationship with MySpace, the world's premiere social portal.
Covered in a hard wearing and stylish aluminium skin, Freeloader Classic now has super powerful solar panels and is capable of giving power to an iPod / iPhone for 18 hours, a smart phone for 44 hours, a PSP of DS for 2.