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an estate held in fee simple or for life

tenure by which land is held in fee simple or for life

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Finding a piece of freehold land to be sold in the neighborhood of Fulham, he bought it, and had a cottage residence built on it, under his own directions.
B.'s hands the title-deeds of a freehold estate, which we would call Blinkiter Doddles.
He had cheated old Wilkins out of his freehold by a trick fit for a pickpocket; he had driven old Mother Biddle to the workhouse; he had stretched the law against Long Adam, the poacher, till all the magistrates were ashamed of him.
He saw open pasture country, intersected with wooded canons, descending to the south and west from his feet, crease on crease and roll on roll, from lower level to lower level, to the floor of Petaluma Valley, flat as a billiard-table, a cardboard affair, all patches and squares of geometrical regularity where the fat freeholds were farmed.
Opening Freehold Ownership of Land within Investment Areas to Foreigners
Approximately 55 properties on the St Edeyrns estate were sold as leasehold, with a further 1,100 sold as freehold, between 2016-17.
The acquisition with the newly formed Freehold Properties, Inc., a real estate investment venture, is made up of $25.5 million in cash and Freehold common stock, totaling roughly $2.8 million.
Summary: New real estate projects leverage freehold ownership laws and retirement visas
THE Walsall Supporters' Trust has welcomed Leigh Pomlett's takeover of the club and says it will be asking how he plans to unite the club with the freehold of the Banks's Stadium.
A LIVERPOOL builder has told the ECHO that he will have to pay over PS20,000 to buy the freehold of a house that he thought he owned.
A builder who thought he had bought his"dream home"says he will have to pay more than [pounds sterling]20,000 to buy the the freehold.
A Liverpool builder has told the ECHO that he will have to pay over [pounds sterling]20,000 to buy the freehold of a house that he thought he owned.
Nyeri Central subcounty residents yesterday demonstrated against the county's plans to charge land rates on freehold land.
In third, the freehold of Cornerfield Cottage, on Shultern Lane, changed hands for PS6,335,000 on September 4.