freedom from discrimination

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immunity from discrimination on the basis of race or sex or nationality or religion or age

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Human rights law does not guarantee freedom from discrimination for anyone.
Wellington also contended that the county violated his right to medical leave and to freedom from discrimination for a disability.
The Government regulator highlighted the authority's performance in improving the health, wellbeing and quality of life of service users and ensuring their freedom from discrimination and harassment.
These recommendations include short-term and extended paid leave and new workplace flexibility rules as well as high-quality, affordable child care and freedom from discrimination based on family responsibilities.
These treaties address the protection of fundamental rights, such as the right to life, to health, to equality and freedom from discrimination, to personal integrity, to intimacy and to a life free from violence.
South Tyneside was given an "adequate" rating in four of seven assessment areas: improved quality of life, increasing choice and control, freedom from discrimination and harassment, and maintaining dignity and respect.
Solihull Council was graded low on improving the quality of life, dignity and respect, freedom from discrimination plus choice and control.
We will only succeed in ending child poverty when we address mother's inequality by ensuring they have access to equal pay, adequate benefits and freedom from discrimination.
The commission also marked the council as good at giving people choice and control of their lives, freedom from discrimination and harassment and maintaining personal dignity and respect.
Ministers also think the law could breach the Human Rights Act, which outlines the right to family life and freedom from discrimination.
Some of the rights delineated in the bill include a voice in the community, quality education "that will help us succeed in the future, beginning in preschool and continuing through high school and beyond," and freedom from discrimination and prejudice.
The collection will be used to highlight the organisation's campaign for freedom of conscience, freedom from discrimination and freedom from persecution.
The European Court ruled unanimously (including the British judge) that the Representation of the People Act 1983, which bars all convicted prisoners from voting in parliamentary and local elections, infringes several human rights - to freedom of expression and free elections and freedom from discrimination - and awarded Hirst pounds 8,000 in costs and expenses.
It ensures a wide range of political, economic, civil and human rights, including freedom from discrimination based upon race, gender, sexual orientation and creed; a prohibition of the death penalty; freedom of speech and assembly; freedom of the press; and recognition of the right of every citizen to adequate education, housing, food, water and social security.
Ms Eagle said: ``The time has now come to simplify, deepen and harmonise all the legislation which enshrines our civil rights and freedom from discrimination into one easily understandable and usable Act of Parliament.
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