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someone who takes spoils or plunder (as in war)

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We should not be held hostage by a greedy group of Californian freebooters.
As many as 1,000 freebooters are expected to descend on Caernarfon for the town's second pirate festival - doubling the size of last year's event.
The two men are known greedy political freebooters who think with their bellies and see through their mouths -- their rather egocentric political faction is full of self-proclaimed politicians who always use nonsensical blames against rebel leader Dr Riek Machar in what seems to be a deliberate attempt to gain access into the materialistic or political world.
There is a mystic treasure to be plundered, blockades from the British fleet and ghostly freebooters to ram, and brief class reunion appearances by lovebirds Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, who were dropped from the last chapter.
'Judging by the action of the signatories, it looks like the claws of authoritarianism has finally pierced the sacred ground the Party has zealously guarded against freebooters, carpetbaggers and opportunists,' he added.
In Puerto Blanco, the traders, the freebooters and the slaves are in open revolt, led by Raffy and Ferrango.
Instead, he argues that merchants were not the enemies of pirates or freebooters because the rise of the insurance industry in the eighteenth century put the risk of loss at sea not on merchant shoulders but on insurers' backs.
"Chinese State-owned Enterprises in Africa: Ambassadors or Freebooters", Journal of Contemporary China, Vol 23, No 89, pp 822-840.
For this simple task, he said, freebooters charge a fee from simple folks.
He focuses specifically on the Qazaqs (Kazakhs), who emerged as a new nomadic people in the 16th century out of a group of fugitives and spent a period of vagabondage and brigandage at the eastern limits of the Qipchaq Steppe in the second half of the 15th century, so became known to their contemporaries as qazaqs, which means vagabonds or freebooters in Turkic.
He also fails to mention another Ukrainian Nazi militia, the Right Sector, mutinying like Libyan freebooters, as reported by The Financial Times.
(82) This competition catered for clubs in east Donegal such as Lifford, Raphoe, Convoy and Castlefin and a number of those in the west Tyrone area including Castlederg, Clady, Convent Court (Strabane), Newtownstewart Rovers, Newtownstewart Freebooters, Strabane Celtic and Sion Harps in the opening years of the twentieth century, some of whom could avail themselves of the Finn Valley railway for matches.
Lieber produced a remarkably detailed and nuanced legal assessment of irregular fighters, distinguishing among six different categories: freebooters; brigands; partisans and free corps; spies, rebels, and conspirators; war rebels; and the spontaneous rising en masse.
"The Anglo-Saxon areas," Ndegwa, who had his university education in Scotland, at St Andrews, recalls, "were no longer occupied by the small-time freebooters such as Boyes, Gibbons, Bocdekens, [the] Wallaces and MacQueens, who were the first white people to buy land west of Nairobi.