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use (purified cocaine) by burning it and inhaling the fumes


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Knowledge base such as Freebase can also be applied by query expansion methods [15].
Concomitant transient ischemic heart event [4] was reported in ETI induced by smoking freebase cocaine, albeit more likely due to cocaine itself.
Freebase: A Collaboratively Created Graph Database for Structuring Human Knowledge, 1247-1250.
However, both of these works relied on crowd-sourced databases--the first used Freebase, a no-longer-active "community-curated database of well-known people, places, and things," for information about notable historic figures, and the second used the "references" and "referenced in" lists (under "connections") in IMDb film listings--which are certainly shaped by the assumptions and interests of their self-selected contributor pools.
Distant supervision uses Freebase as a knowledge base that stores semantic relations between entities based on entities [2].
Then the relations are identified that is represented in every column by analyzing entities at every column and considering the predicates that each column corresponds to, by combining using Freebase a schema matching method.
These cards result from a foundational knowledgebase that Google has derived from facts published on the web from sources such as the CIA World Factbook, Freebase (, and Wikipedia.
With very little training, the software helps the user integrate data from a variety of internal sources, enrich it with supporting materials from repositories like DBpedia or Freebase, and analyze the resulting data set to generate reports and recommendations.
They specialise in highly addictive crack – a freebase form of cocaine which is smoked by users.
Nonfatal pulmonary edema after "Freebase" cocaine smoking.
National Enquirer had claimed in the article that Katz has told them that he and Hoffman were homosexual lovers and he saw Hoffman smoke freebase cocaine shortly before his body was discovered., MashQL [9], and hay MQL with Metaweb- Freebase [12].
Sixty-five men were recruited from the community, 35 of whom were cocaine dependent, according to DSM-IV-TR criteria, and had been using cocaine either in powdered or freebase forms for an average of 15.3 years since the age of 19.2 years.
From Freebase Gridworks to Google Refine and now OpenRefine [Internet].
TechCrunch calls Grokr a Google Now for iOS users and notes that Grokr built its own Knowledge Graph on top of "the same one that Google used: Freebase, a community-contributed facts database." While Google Now's information is limited to what it gleans from Google's own services, the Grokr app gathers information from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.