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Synonyms for free-lance

a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them

working for yourself

serving for wages in a foreign army

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com reported last week that Patch editors have been told their free-lance budgets have been cut, "in some cases severely.
Guzy was arguably the best local free-lance commentator on the Post's op-ed page.
His first book, The Free-Lance Pallbearers, by turns hilarious, scalding and hallucinatory, takes aim at government, religion, white people, black people, pop culture and academia, just to name a few targets.
That issue's front-page illustration of a knitting Madonna and child, by free-lance artist Anna Payne-Krzyzanowski, garnered the paper a first place for original artwork.
Brown wanted to work for himself, and being a free-lance paralegal has given him the freedom to work at his own pace and pick his clientele, which is growing steadily.
Haley told the Free-Lance Star that he was very close to pulling the trigger and would have shot to kill.
Those reading excerpts from Dickens' holiday classic will be WCRN radio host Sherman Whitman, free-lance writer Courtney Little, and poets Lea C.
Now one constantly hears dancers from the major ballet companies talking about "gigs," a term borrowed from free-lance musicians meaning a date, an engagement--a job.
His experience includes stints with The Santa Fe Reporter, and Miami Metro magazine, as well as work as a free-lance journalist.
Kurtis reports that none of the Russian scientists interviewed admitted knowing any colleagues who went free-lance, but also concedes that it's impossible to know how many may have been approached by other outside forces.
The major cities subsidize studios and workshops where free-lance dancemakers can create and dancers can take daily classes.
Washington, who has extensive journalism experience, including that of investigative reporter and free-lance writer, comes to the Tribune from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania-Office of the Chief Justice, where he was special assistant to Chief Justice Robert N.
The best way to locate a free-lance interpreter may be to ask an interpreter with whom you have worked in the past.
based national law firm, renowned for its unique approach to criminal justice, was victorious in having all arson charges dropped against Palmdale free-lance photographer, Joshua Alan Harville, after a two-year legal battle.