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Synonyms for free-lance

a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them

working for yourself

serving for wages in a foreign army

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Free-lance income shrank by 10.1% - from BGN 94 to BGN 85.
Haley told the Free-Lance Star that he was very close to pulling the trigger and would have shot to kill.
Huffington has been trying to remold all of AOL's operations in HuffPost's image, which includes heavy linking and aggregation of others' material, free writing and blogging and a limited amount of paid free-lance work.
Buxant, Saroglou, and Tesser studied the personality variables of "free-lance spiritual seekers," or people who are interested in spirituality without being tied to a specific religious group (p.
30 announced that it is dosing its Fredericksburg, VA, facility, leading to a loss of about 27 local jobs, according to The Free-Lance Star.
The Sumner family owns four other newspapers in Oklahoma, including the Okmulgee Daily Times and the weeklies, the Henryetta Free-Lance; The Indian Journal in Eufaula; and The McIntosh County Democrat in Checotah.
"The Springs of Creve Coeur" is the fifth book of verse by Minnesota poet, novelist and free-lance writer Martie Marshall.
The Healthy Lunchbox: How To Plan, Prepare and Pack Stress-Free Meals Kids Will Love by Marie McClendon (12 year teacher and the mother of four) and Cristy Shauk (free-lance writer and educational nutritionist) is an informed exploration into the many unexpected intricacies of packing for your children the most fulfilling and filling lunch.
Answer: To be honest, you don't really have time to free-lance. There's no real free-lance.
After years of witnessing confrontations between athletes and officials and between parents and officials, we are now processing the third round of free-lance combat--the one between parents and coaches.
Photographer Albert's striking color plates display charms and the people who wear them, while free-lance writer Hackney introduces different types of charms, describes and tells stories about each object and its owner, and concludes with a section on the meanings of particular gems and motifs.
Chicago free-lance photographer Jim Summaria captures the enthusiasm of a speaker by freezing his gesture and expression.