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Synonyms for free-lance

a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them

working for yourself

serving for wages in a foreign army

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Finance & admin specialist* (43 m/m, free-lance expert);
Haley told the Free-Lance Star that he was very close to pulling the trigger and would have shot to kill.
Huffington has been trying to remold all of AOL's operations in HuffPost's image, which includes heavy linking and aggregation of others' material, free writing and blogging and a limited amount of paid free-lance work.
In 1967, the year that The Free-Lance Pallbearers was published, Reed left New York in part because he "didn't want to become a showpiece, trotted out for display at literary functions, or a surrogate fronting for somebody else's political and cultural position," as he writes in Another Day at the Front.
The real problem is that Guzy broke one of the unwritten rules of journalism--you don't piss off your editor, especially if you're free-lance and don't have union protection.
Brown, a free-lance paralegal, allows attorneys to concentrate on the larger aspects of a case while being assured the lesser paperwork gets done on time and correctly.
Jahna Houston, a free-lance journalist and community leader from Panorama City, has been named Ms.
Free-lance columnists aren't as visible as staff, syndicated, or news- service ones, but their ranks may be expanding.
In the second computer-age victory this year for free-lance journalists who contend they were cheated by big media companies, the Supreme Court turned down an appeal Oct.
Sins of the Fathers, by free-lance writer David Napier, also picked up an honourable mention for the prestigious A.
Contributors include those who held Professor Rawlyk in high esteem: Mark Noll at Wheaton College; Barry Moody at Acadia University; Daniel Goodwin, Stephen Dempster, and Benne Faber at Atlantic Baptist University; David Bell at the University of New Brunswick; Lorraine Coops, a free-lance writer; and Ronald Noble, a retired Baptist minister.
Nancy Chamberlayne, a free-lance writer in British Columbia, Canada, has been living with MS for 9 years.
Like King Zulu, each of Reed's protagonists - from Bukka Doopeyduk and the Loop Garoo Kid in his first two novels, The Free-Lance Pallbearers (1967) and Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down (1969), to PaPa LaBas in Mumbo Jumbo (1972) and The Last Days of Louisiana Red (1974), Raven Quickskill in Flight to Canada (1976), and Black Peter in The Terrible Twos (1982) - assumes the trickster's role.
The major cities subsidize studios and workshops where free-lance dancemakers can create and dancers can take daily classes.