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Synonyms for free-base

use (purified cocaine) by burning it and inhaling the fumes


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The remaining 39 interviews were used as parts of two substudies, one about free-base smokers and one a followup study of cocaine users first seen by the authors in 1974.
In one of our new experiments, the mice are being given diets with the same levels of lysine as in our original study, but they will be fed pellets prepared with free-base lysine.
The team quickly accelerated production of Hydroxylamine Free-Base (HAFB(TM)), a technology used in semiconductor post-etch residue removal, and expanded production to address industry requirements.
3) Street cocaine is ingested by intranasal snorting, free-base smoking, and intravenous injection.
Not including the free-bases for Barry Bonds that are almost guaranteed, Ortiz could walk a few too many here, something which could spell big innings for the Giants and big trouble for Anaheim.