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unrhymed verse without a consistent metrical pattern


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His first book of free verse, Mavra, was published in 1940 and established him as a pioneering figure in free form Urdu poetry.
Rashid, he was a leading poet of the group Halqa-e Arbab-e Zauq, which broke away from the classic convention of Radeef and Qafia, explored the rich resources of blank verse and free verse.
If we understand free verse as verse that is nonmetrical, and rhythm as contingent, if not on meter, then at least upon some kind of recurrence or regularity or patterning, we recognize how free verse and rhythm may seem incompatible.
In the first phrase, three out of four two-syllable words rise in pitch on the unaccented syllable: "centre" and both occurrences of "equal." In one previous study of a contemporary free verse poet, the accented syllable in a word received a higher pitch more than 99% of the time.
BEIRUT - Lebanese poet Ounsi al-Hajj, who pioneered the use of free verse in Arabic poetry in the 20th century, died Tuesday aged 77, his family said."His health had deteriorated in recent days.
In any case, lack of innovation is not in Kirby-Smith's study an obstacle to a poet's status as free-versifier, for Kirby-Smith's greater premise is that irregular verse is a precursor to free verse. (3) We wonder if Tennyson might have curried more free-verse favor had Kirby-Smith acknowledged just how profoundly involved Tennyson was with irregular verse, for it is not a rogue feature merely of the four works he happens to name.
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3.45 Salisbury EBF Lochsong Fillies' Stakes (Handicap) 7f RUK Card page 53 FREE VERSE was an emphatic winner for the Queen in a handicap at Newmarket's July meeting and drops back to 7f today after finishing fourth over 1m in the Listed Valiant Stakes at Ascot a fortnight later.
One Hundred Small Yellow Envelopes is a poetry chapbook by prize-winning poet and literature teacher James Crews, offering an eclectic diversity of brief, free-verse poems ranging in format from free verse to stream-of-consciousness.
Of Mezey's exquisite craft, John Hollander has written, "In whatever formal mode he has worked, from free verse to the strictest meters, Mezey has always revealed a mastery of the relation between deep and surface rhythms of language and thought, and an unyielding poetic integrity that is like a beacon against a darkening literary horizon."
Bergmann, twenty-three of which were published previously in a variety of poetry magazines ranging from such arcane journals as 'Rosebud' and 'Free Verse', to established literary magazines as the 'Southern Poetry Review' and the '2007 Wisconsin Poets' Calendar'.
The poetry here is free verse in generally short lines, accessible, imagistic.
Changing forms from free verse to heroic couplets and other poetic devices as suits the story, She Alone encapsulates its nameless protagonist's struggle to find her own sense of place and identity in a rapidly evolving world.
Four youngsters bond over the summer, and their exploration of friendship and family is presented in free verse. Gilchrist's illustrations capture the kids' playful energy.