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the form of theological rationalism that believes in God on the basis of reason without reference to revelation


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Just the thought of complete finality could dominate every free thought in one's mind.
In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth film based on the JK Rowling series, Umbridge is a new teacher at Hogwarts school intent on restricting free thought.
Part Hitler, part Pat Robertson and usually seen on video monitors a la Big Brother (in amusing casting, he's played by John Hurt, who was Winston Smith in the last "1984" movie), Sutler has basically outlawed art and free thought, persecuted every group of people Nazis usually don't like, and taken over all media with the help of a lot of guys who probably started in talk radio.
The North Korean people live in a state of horror where liberty, free thought and expression have ceased to exist and they are suffering mass starvation.
is in the part of Manhattan that was, in the early 20th century, home of the avant-garde, bohemia, free thought, free life, and free love -- as close to Paris as one could get in this country," explains Consolo.
Raised under social and political systems that despised free thought, he nevertheless became a genuine artist, and also helped cultivate art in others.
These CDs are crammed full of classic free thought books that can be read on screen, printed out, or copied.
The blogosphere is not just free speech, but free thought.
In the end, the author asserts a pressing need to protect democracy and free thought from people who threaten human rights on the basis of blind religious faith.
David Niose, a Fitchburg lawyer and one of the founders of the Greater Worcester Humanists, said free thought "doesn't mean you think in any crazy direction you want.
Universities are havens for free thought and free inquiry, which are anathema to authoritarian governments.
She was pretty liberal and open-minded, and encouraged independence and free thought,'' she said.
And those wishing-to leverage state power over free thought become the best arguments for "hired gun" control.
A government that attacks or fails to promote and encourage these endeavors by its citizens is a government declaring its contempt for intellectual inquiry and for the very concept of free thought.