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a press not restricted or controlled by government censorship regarding politics or ideology

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The governors are those who promulgate the concept of fake news with the governors represented by Trump, the Republicans who support him, the conservative talking heads (The Heritage Foundation), and now the Russians, who castigate the free press with their pejorative brand of "fake news" hoping thereby to stifle thought, true fact, and an informed public in order to protect their power, money, and status.
The Duterte administration, by targeting Rappler and the free press, undermines the universal right to freedom of expression.
The Detroit Free Press has recognised Varroc Lighting Systems, a global supplier for innovative exterior vehicle lighting systems, as a top place to work in Michigan.
A free press is essential to our liberties, and it always must be guarded, protected, and honored by "we the people" as well as the those we elect.
Sales continue to go well," said Mark Kelly, spokesman, Lodge Cast Iron, according to the Times Free Press.
FANUC America Corporation said it has been named one of Michigan's top 100 workplaces by the Detroit Free Press for the fourth consecutive year.
Customers include Conde Nast, Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Gannett, and, of course, Winnipeg Free Press.
Like most of its peers in North America, the Free Press rolled print subscribers into a combination subscription that includes digital access and also provided for a $US13 per month digital-only subscription.
Former Labour minister Brian Wilson, 66, was fired by the West Highland Free Press this week after crossing swords with editorial bosses in a row over free speech.
The Detroit Free Press reported on January 30 about an armed intruder who met his end when he climbed through the window of an elderly couple's home.
The Detroit Free Press has reported it has won a lawsuit over the public's right to see the mug shots of criminal defendants charged in federal court, but an appeal is expected.
Secretary of State John Kerry marked Friday World Press Freedom Day, saying "people everywhere count on a free press to keep us informed, hold leaders accountable, filter fact from fiction, and unmask false narratives masquerading as truth.
The petition, filed by advocacy group Free Press, along with a broad coalition of organizations, has been submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
These countries span those with a free press and those where media freedom is limited.
IN May the Birmingham Mail published a series of letters on the importance of maintaining a free press and the unanimous view was expressed that state control of the media would be inimical to the idea of a free society.