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sexual intercourse between individuals who are not married to one another

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Founded as an alleged haven for free thought by George Walser, a man who hoped to ban both churches and saloons from his city, Liberal attracted and then repelled the Replogles, who were driven out for espousing free love.
In particular, the erotic dimensions of Hawthorne's romance require that our interpretations of Zenobia must move beyond the feminism of Margaret Fuller to consider the free love of George Sand.
Crowley foresaw a society which has now embraced the idea of sexual and spiritual free love.
Not sure how free love, hairy armpits and a rather musky lax attitude to deodorant will go down with the iGeneration.
You can also download |the free Love Food Hate Waste app from your app store.
Tracks including the hilarious smash Free Love Freeway, written by Gervais and performed by the Wernham Hogg boss in the first series of The Office, got a standing ovation (admittedly not difficult in the standing section).
London, August 18 ( ANI ):A new research has revealed that the Normandy invasion during the Second World War was a supercharged erotic adventure for some, who, after fighting their way off the murderous beaches, expected to find free love from a grateful public.
Evolutionary rhetoric; sex, science, and free love in nineteenth-century feminism.
Judy Greenway gives us a delightful chapter on the anarchist advocates of free love in finde siecle Britain.
Their music has since come to soundtrack every other film made about the era of free love and Vietnam.
But when they lose their jobs and find out the property market has collapsed, they set off on an adventure, ending up at a rural centre for free love called Elysium (coincidentally the title of a new Matt Damon and Jodie Foster film opening next year).
The emotional toll on everyone as the truth is revealed suggests that free love is not free, then or now.
The idea that a third of today's generation of young males might fancy someone twice their age is bizarre, even taking into account that ladies who are 60 plus grew up on the rock and roll and free love of the swinging 60s.
Despite continuing controversy over the authorship of these works, their appearance in a new collection, Selected Writings of Victoria Woodhull: Suffrage, Free Love, and Eugenics, provides a convenient and well-presented scholarly resource.
When it comes to violence and oppression, fantasists such as Kokoski should be ashamed to find fault with those promoting free love and peace.