free hand

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freedom to do as you see fit


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"The country to-day looks to its army and its navy to save it from the humiliation these black-coated parasites have encouraged, and yet even now we haven't a free hand. You and I, who control the secret service of the army, denounce certain men, upon no slight evidence, either, as spies, and we are laughed at!
"And meanwhile," Thomson retorted bitterly, "leave him a free hand to do what mischief he can.
His falling body came near to tearing me from the frail hold that my single free hand had upon the anchor chain and plunging me with him to the waters of the sea below.
Captain Van Horn snuggled him closer in his arm with a caress of his free hand.
"I'm inclined to give Hastings a free hand, though I should prefer to wait a bit.
For reply, Saxon reached her free hand over to the hand that rested on Billy's arm.
Stance: Three-point stance with hips slightly higher than the head, the feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, toe-to-heel relationship, inside hand down, ankles cocked, free hand hanging, and weight forward on the balls of the feet.
The joint venture partner will be offered a 26% stake and will have a free hand in running the airline.
But after withdrawing an ant-laden probe, they sweep it through the closed fingers of the free hand and then shove the mass of insects into their mouths.
Japan's Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi said Thursday the government will submit a bill to the Diet to freeze the fiscal reform law so as to obtain a free hand for bold economic measures in the fiscal 1999 budget.
Air Do, as did Skymark, applied for Transport Ministry approval without setting a minimum air fare rate so it can keep a free hand for possible cuts in fares in the future.
The only part of the complex where van Egeraat had a relatively free hand was at the north-east corner, where the orthogonal plan is fractured to create a luminous entrance atrium, which also functions as an exhibition space.
By then he was interested in other things and just didn't have the free hand and encouragement he previously enjoyed.
Your glove and free hand should be almost touching the ground.
Bill Craven, legislative coordinator for the Kansas Sierra Club, says, "We are non-partisan in giving agribusiness a free hand to pollute in this state." According to one study, Kansas ranks last in the nation in meeting surface water use designations.