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(Christian theology) the free and unmerited favor or beneficence of God

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"The free grace period encouraged drivers to wait for long periods on our limited road network.
It is all a gift of free grace on which we lay hold by faith.
Thus the Cards offers financial benefits such as 0 per cent offers on travel purchases and spending at selected key merchants, 0 per cent Balance transfer, a very attractive loyalty scheme, 50 days of interest free grace period, a joining benefit of 7,000 UNB miles, no annual membership fees - as well as lifestyle benefits such as free airport lounge access, free Road Side assistance including free annual car registration and discounts from leading merchants in the UAE and around the world."
For twenty-one years here I have been proclaiming the free grace of God in our Lord Jesus Christ and I am truly excited to be a vital part of teaching in my alma mater where I first learned of God's grace."
Those drawn to "free grace and personal salvation" left, pulled in by fundamentalism as well as pushed out by a Mennonite "fundamentalist mentality" manifest in "aggresso-conservative activism," and just as fundamentalist as tent revivals (209).
Harvey's Chapter Three brings Anne Hutchinson's actions into the "free grace controversy in early New England"; both Hutchinson trials insist that the body is not a base for "spiritual and civil values" (15).
"The commission of the church, in which her freedom is founded, consists in this: in place of Christ and thus in the service of his own word and work to extend through word and sacrament the message of the free grace of God to all people" (Barmen Theological Declaration 6).
The puritan idiom of "free grace" had been appropriated by heretics.
However, the "absolute distinction between law and free grace remained a crucial part of his theological and imaginative world until the end" (122).
He was bulimic over cars (two Jags); houses (several including a free grace and favour); anger; dangerous liaisons - and even his over-the-top bouffant hair.
For this purpose, Winship has drawn on and simplified much of the material in his earlier work, Making Heretics: Militant Protestantism and Free Grace in Massachusetts, 1636-1641 (Princeton, 2002).
rehearsing the familiar connections between masterless men, mechanic preachers, the gift of free grace, and social insubordination.
This work, based on Winship's earlier study Making Heretics: Militant Protestantism and Free Grace in Massachusetts, 1636-1641, is more than just the story of Hutchinson, Reverend John Cotton, and John Winthrop.
The Leuenberg Agreement formulates a consensus on a common understanding of the gospel focused on the message of justification as the expression of God's free grace. As a result, fellowship could be declared among the participating churches.
"Such recognition inoculates the writer against the three deadly literary vices of pandering to popular taste, creative laziness, and didacticism." No free grace here.