free fall

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Synonyms for free fall

the ideal falling motion of something subject only to a gravitational field

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a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity

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Stephen Opata, has said that the accumulation of more dollars would help increase the net international reserve to around $4 billion, enough to provide confidence in the system and help stabilise the free fall of the cedi.
Some scientists have challenged that Einstein's theory of relativity as it pertains to free fall and uniform acceleration will not hold true in case of extreme conditions.
That would imply a violation of the universality of free fall towards dark matter.
It was a 26 second free fall. I heard my instructor's voice as he unfastened the harness and asked if I was fine.
It is the second time the free fall balcony jump has taken place at the Empire - with the same event taking place over Easter weekend.
Researchers in science education have long started exploring students' understanding of the concepts of gravity and free fall (see Kavanagh & Sneider, 2007 for a review); some of these studies showed that the majority of people without formal instruction in physics (or with only elementary instruction in the subject) believe that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones (Champagne, Klopfer, & Anderson, 1980; Oberle et al., 2005, Experiment 1; Shanon, 1976).
Extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner canceled his planned death-defying 23-mile free fall because of high winds, the second time this week he was forced to postpone his supersonic skydive.
AFTER more than 50 years, a man will try to make history by becoming the first to successfully make a free fall dive from 120,000 feet.
Summary: If recreating that free fall para-jumping adrenaline rush is on the
Muscat: Air Vice Marshal Mattar bin Ali Al Obaidani, commander of the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO), yesterday awarded a number of RAFO personnel who passed the foundation parachute course for free fall, with parachute wings.
WORCESTER - When Felix Baumgartner made the 18-mile free fall from the edge of space yesterday, his spacesuit was the only thing keeping the fluids in his body from boiling.
Norwegian Breakaway to debut free-fall water slides, ropes course Norwegian Cruise LineOs new 4,000-passenger Norwegian Breakaway will feature a three-story sports and recreation center with five water slides, including two with free fall sections.
A SKYDIVER aims to become the first person to break the sound barrier in a free fall.
They were in a state called free fall. The only force that can slow an object in free fall is drag, or air resistance.
Along with the modern parachute systems, the NSG is also procuring altimeters for use during the free fall.