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marked strangeness as a consequence of being abnormal

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Yet we must hope, in time, that they fully recognise the freakishness of Hughes' death and the essential importance of hostile fast bowling to the compelling nature of Test cricket.
The reactions that poured in captured the shock of a people struggling to come to terms with the freakishness of it all.
Her recent references to Canada equate it with freakishness (which is comic, given Canada's fairly straight-laced reputation internationally) and with tolerance (which goes over well, given Canada's congratulatory view of itself as inclusive).
Rather than being a mere coincidence, this connection suggests that confronting representations of freakishness was a significant cultural and critical preoccupation of the time.
Abelkop's language is as lush and lyrical as Lasky's is spare and prosaic, but the attitude--a forthright pride in freakishness, in the refusal of the body or mind of the girl to conform or behave--is similar.
When impoverished children start to disappear, Sheba and her friends unite to resolve the mystery, using their so called freakishness to prevail.
The book's shadowy freakishness, rejected by Frankie but embraced by her young cousin John Henry and partaken of ambivalently by the family housekeeper and sometime confidante Berenice, can be considered a version of what Stockton has called "growing sideways" (Queer Child), a textual strategy coalescing around the figure of the child that works to subvert heteronormative developmental teleologies.
Those who succeeded in their disguises were neither identified nor counted; those who died were regarded as aberrations whose freakishness was buried with them; those who were wounded were removed behind the lines and warned not to return to the battle front.
62) In the cubist mode, the facial features are rendered as visual containers of beastliness, otherness, and freakishness, and they are of a social pathology, one that has infected the natural habitat of humanity, impossibly reducing it to a state of animality--mental and physical degeneration inscribed on the face.
Broadly speaking, the objects are by-products of a peculiarly British taste for observing transgression: Freakishness, violence, caricature, and slapstick have long been entertainments on these isles.
It's an evil and horrible message that glorifies mediocrity and stupidity and physical freakishness.
Not only do swimmers come to the field of competition in uniforms synonymous with "banana hammocks" and "marble bags" and "under the butt nut huts," but for our most consequential competitions, when other athletes grow beards and streak their faces with war paint, we compound our freakishness by shaving away our body hair.
There was an element of freakishness about the scoreline with three of the goals flashing past a helpless Allan McGregor via deflections.
For such "terminally normal" people it appears that it takes the freakishness of accident to create the stuff of which novels are made--and accident is certainly a big player in the events lived out by these two.