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Synonyms for frazzle

a state of extreme exhaustion

wear away by rubbing

exhaust physically or emotionally

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[USA], Aug 11 ( ANI ): Parents of preemies are usually worn to a frazzle more than other parents when their kids are young, but according to a recent study, there's light at the end of the tunnel.
Frazzle, who has just joined the 370-head Acorn Dairy organic herd which operates farms in Darlington and North Yorkshire, is expected to sire around 100 calves annually.
The star, who has cleaned up her act these days, was having an off-night as she partied and let her hair frazzle and make-up go messy in LA.
And somehow I was rolling and yawing and not quite falling, and my vision was reduced to a hazy frazzle. My calves were on fire, my clothes drenched with sweat.
For all her character faults Paula Yates has been a loving and successful mother who worked herself to a frazzle doing a variety of jobs which did not interfere with their lives.
MEET Chester Zoo's cute penguin chicks - Wotsit, Cheeto, Frazzle and Quaver.
The rectilinear method of thinking that the Greeks bequeathed us began to frazzle in the days of Newton, and it has run aground on quantum mechanics.
Angela Smith hoped to make her daily trip on the number 63 home from Birmingham city centre with two-year-old Frazzle.
While your skin is protected with suncream, hair is often forgotten about and left to frazzle. Kerastase's new Resistance Spray Double Force (pounds 14) is a light spray that protects and holds styles.