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Synonyms for frayed

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worn away or tattered along the edges

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This end, which we can examine, is frayed. He was cunning enough to do that with his knife.
Then I lashed her in her chair, and frayed out the end of the rope to make it look natural, else they would wonder how in the world a burglar could have got up there to cut it.
At every jump too, Hands appeared still more to sink into himself and settle down upon the deck, his feet sliding ever the farther out, and the whole body canting towards the stern, so that his face became, little by little, hid from me; and at last I could see nothing beyond his ear and the frayed ringlet of one whisker.
PS45, Frayed jeans Customising alert: frayed hems on jeans are having a moment.
Transect B was highest in frayed and truncated foliage stem counts (A: 11, 5; B: 18, 3; C: 5, 1; D: 1, 4; E: 1, 3).
The team paints the protein fragment, or peptide, onto a silicon chip frayed at one end into rectangles 500 micrometers ([micro]m) long, 100 [micro]m wide, and 1 [micro]m thick.
But this speculate-to- accumulate approach means frayed nerves among fans.