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Synonyms for frayed

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worn away or tattered along the edges

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com Frayed jeans Customising alert: frayed hems on jeans are having a moment.
Transect B was highest in frayed and truncated foliage stem counts (A: 11, 5; B: 18, 3; C: 5, 1; D: 1, 4; E: 1, 3).
The team paints the protein fragment, or peptide, onto a silicon chip frayed at one end into rectangles 500 micrometers ([micro]m) long, 100 [micro]m wide, and 1 [micro]m thick.
The tennis courts, too, will get a new surface and the frayed net will be replaced.
Passengers on a train from Huddersfield to Manchester were ordered off after tempers frayed because of overcrowding.
But this speculate-to- accumulate approach means frayed nerves among fans.
A frayed cable can short circuit and also damage the card and the ICE box itself.
These belts are said to eliminate flat belt problems, including mistracking, frayed edges (and resulting contamination), belt slippage and frequent maintenance and belt replacement.
There are also pleny of frayed hems and waistbands and styles ranging from A-line to straight.