fraudulent scheme

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an illegal enterprise (such as extortion or fraud or drug peddling or prostitution) carried on for profit

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The suit seeks to recover the substantial losses incurred by investors as a result of the wide-ranging, fraudulent scheme led and perpetrated by Mr.
In sentencing O'Connor to three years, Judge Stanley said: 'I am satisfied your part in this fraudulent scheme was not as great as the other two.
DIRECTV has asked the court to enjoin and restrain the defendant's alleged fraudulent scheme and for the greater of actual or statutory damages as provided by the Communications Act, 47 U.
To further the fraudulent scheme, Moore transmitted monthly reports and monthly payments to the victims purportedly relating to their investments in the ATMs.
Because con artists often make a career of fraudulent schemes and sometimes leave a trail of bankrupt shell companies, law enforcement should make a search of federal bank ruptcy files standard procedure.
Board staff members believed that the proposed payment of unrealistic rates of return was indicative of a fraudulent scheme and contacted several banks to make sure that legitimate banking organizations were not referring to themselves as "prime banks" or using financial instruments that in any manner referred to "prime banks.
Consequently, they argued that Ernst knowingly engaged in a fraudulent scheme resulting in the issuance of the review report, which contained misrepresentations and/or omissions that directly affected the purchase or sale of securities.
for using the same fraudulent scheme to claim over $23 million in bogus refunds for customers.
A Grampian police spokesman said yesterday: "We confirm that following lengthy investigations eight men - aged, 58, 49, 46, 45, 43 and two aged 39 and a 28-year-old woman - have been reported in connection with a fraudulent scheme.
Joyce Makarova, 22, was at Telford College, Edinburgh when she allegedly hatched the fraudulent scheme to obtain pounds 38,762 by getting an accomplice to deposit a dodgy cheque.
6015(c) election would be invalid if the assets were transferred between the requesting spouse and the nonrequesting spouse as part of a fraudulent scheme.
During their 1989 annual audit, independent auditors retained by a national food products distributor in New York believed they had uncovered a fraudulent scheme perpetrated by two vice presidents who managed the seafood division.
The firm countered that the audit client had provided false and misleading information as part of a massive fraudulent scheme to inflate corporate value and hide the company's true financial position.
The Amended Complaint alleges that the Defendants violated the federal securities laws in connection with a fraudulent scheme to take without the payment of consideration by misrepresentation, fraud and deceit the Common Stock of NorMexSteel, Inc.
The court permanently barred McIntyre from preparing returns because "her continued work as a professional tax preparer will permit her to perpetuate this fraudulent scheme and succeed with respect to a fraction of the submissions.