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Synonyms for fratricide

a person who murders their brother or sister

fire that injures or kills an ally

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the murder of your sibling

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Police records maintain that eight personnel committed suicide while four were killed in fratricide incidents in 2013.
THE home ministry has finally woken up to the rising number of suicides and fratricide incidents in the paramilitary forces.
Fratricides are more or less, under control," he added.
Like the accident investigations I had been privy to as an aviator, there were definite breakdowns in doctrine, communications, and tactics by all parties involved, which led to the fratricide and the battlefield implications of that fratricide.
The bottom line remains that improved IR sensors = greater situational awareness + greater combat identification + greater combat effectiveness + fratricide reduction.
The BOLT often struggles with discovering, investigating, and analyzing fratricides, (18) inappropriate uses of force against civilians, and other serious incidents.
Lamamra a affirme que l'Algerie, en tant que pays voisin du Mali, [beaucoup moins que] est particulierement mobilisee pour apporter sa contribution a l'ecriture de cette nouvelle page de l'histoire du Mali faite d'avancees dans la voie de la paix, de la reconciliation et du developpement, afin que le peuple malien puisse rompre avec une histoire assez ingrate en ce qui concerne les affrontements fratricides [beaucoup plus grand que].
The deaths since 2009 due to suicides and fratricides in the paramilitary forces are in fact higher than similar deaths reported in the Indian Army.
Il a lance un appel aux pays arabes, qui vivent des tensions, a suivre l'exemple de l'Algerie et adopter la voie de la reconciliation qui est, a-t-il insiste, l'unique moyen de mettre fin aux affrontements fratricides entre les enfants d'un meme pays.
Parmi ses multiples fonctions, il est aussi l'allie ou le confident des princes antagonistes et intercede dans les conflits fratricides.Il est au coeur des evenements qui vont bouleverser le Maghreb: la Reconquista espagnole et l'arrivee des Turcs.
Intervenant devant les participants a la conference sur la Syrie, dite Geneve 2, ouverte, hier a Montreux (Suisse), le ministre des Affaires etrangeres, Ramtane Lamamra, a reaffirme la [beaucoup moins que]position de principe et constante[beaucoup plus grand que] de l'Algerie vis-a-vis de la crise syrienne, [beaucoup moins que]en faveur d'un arret immediat des combats fratricides et de toutes formes de violence[beaucoup plus grand que] pour mettre fin aux souffrances qu'endure le peuple syrien.
Aux querelles intestines opposant partisans de l'ex-guide et leurs adversaires, ont succede la guerre fratricide des tribus, opposant diverses factions toutes grisees par la conquete du pouvoir.
In fact, the worse fratricide since Vietnam occurred when US Air Force jets shot down two U.S.
The purpose of CID is to improve unit combat effectiveness while at the same time preventing fratricide and minimizing collateral damage.
He describes at length how he was brought up and how other members of the Ottoman dynasty fared under the Law of Fratricide and how later heirs to the throne were confined to the cage and were cut off from the outside world.