fraternity house

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a house used as a residence by a chapter of a fraternity

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I'd never have met Luke if I'd joined another fraternity house.
Three of Jackie's friends denied the writer's assertion that they discouraged the alleged victim from reporting the assault, and the man described as the person who led her to an upstairs room in the fraternity house to be raped could not be located.
Davis AEPi fraternity house was tagged with two swastikas, coming 24 hours after the deeply troubling actions on campus coming from those seeking to delegitimize Israel and her people," leaders and alumni of AEPi said in a joint statement.
For the fraternity house item, and riposte, my thanks to Richard Lederer.
With the help of his two friends (Will Ferrell, top, and Vince Vaughn), he sets up a fraternity house next to his former college campus.
W sketches his rise to power from the mid-1960s, beginning at Yale and a humiliating fraternity house initiation.
The Appellate Court of Illinois ruled that an off-campus fraternity house owned by a nonprofit corporation was not entitled to an educational property tax exemption because the house was not operated on behalf of a university.
And, finally, is the fraternity house located on campus or offcampus.
During the investigation into DeVercelly's death, it was discovered that dangerous underage drinking had taken place at the fraternity house during unregistered parties.
Not the least of which is the story of the infamous and feared Confederate guerrilla leader William Quantrill whose skull was to end up in the basement of a fraternity house from 1905 to 1942.
During this program the new pledges were not allowed in the fraternity house, so they had to spend the time elsewhere.
has produced a new martial version of that old fraternity house stand-by, the beer helmet.
In the brightly colored basement of an old fraternity house in Bloomington, Indiana, an eclectic group of customers gather daily over coffee.
Some are also wanted for wrecking a fraternity house, smashing photographs and throwing TVs off the roof of the apartment block.