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be on friendly terms with someone, as if with a brother, especially with an enemy


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Company policy meant it was wrong to fraternise and you could be sacked," said Norman.
Tensions escalate when Larita dares to fraternise with butler Furber (Marshall), and Veronica tries to drive a wedge between the newlyweds.
He regularly left his base in Wallasey to travel through the Mersey tunnel to fraternise with prostitutes in Liverpool's city centre red light district.
Meanwhile, head receptionist Anna spots good-looking millionaire Richard and decides he's worth breaking the rule that staff must never fraternise with the guests.
As a fellow, I will be able to use the society's facilities at 1, Wimpole Street - study in their fine library, fraternise with fellow fellows in the restaurant, common room, or bar, stay overnight in their hotel, participate in meetings and conferences, and possibly watch The Barretts of Wimpole Street, starring Norma Shearer as Elizabeth.
We didn't like to point out that as one of the judges it might not be the way forward to fraternise with him.
And now a remarkable letter has revealed a British general's reluctance to fraternise with the enemy during the 1914 Christmas Day truce of the First World War.
The reality is that he was poor, lacked any real education and did not fraternise with Pharisees or scholars.
As a shy, middle-class student at Oxford University, Charles is warned by his cousin Jasper (Teverson) not to fraternise with lushes like Sebastian Flyte (Whishaw).
They use each other to validate their practice, they largely fraternise with each other and they exercise a huge degree of self- censorship when confronted by poor contemporary art.