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Synonyms for fraternal

(of twins) derived from two separate fertilized ova

like or characteristic of or befitting a brother

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And so we are all journeying together, fraternally, on the road towards unity, bringing about unity even as we walk; that unity comes from the Holy Spirit and brings us something unique which only the Holy Spirit can do, that is, reconciling our differences.
These people in building up themselves fraternally, culturally, politically and economically as groups are contributing their special part to the greatness of the American nation as a whole.
President Talabani was later quoted as saying that his meeting with Nujeify and a delegation from al-Iraqiya Bloc, held in Sulaimaniya, "had clearly and fraternally discussed reaching a settlement for the current suspended problems in Iraq, hoping that all parties would lean to the spirit of fraternity and understanding, and stay away from hostilities that cause problems and complicate them.
Going beyond the Napoleonic "your enemy's enemy is your friend", he describes a world where operators must slickly co-habit the market with players they compete with fiercely for each customer, yet cooperate with fraternally to co-run service platforms and invest in infrastructure.
Special mention here to poet Chris Thomas Every word of this is true I promise I haven't suffered Writers Block Just a broken arm, leg, nose and some shock I'm happy to say as I write fraternally They found nothing bad internally Not had a drink for six years now Used to be a bit of a boozer Now I watch TV and try to lose weight Like "Britain's Biggest Loser" A&E said that's all well and good But all of that "ozzie" are hopin' Next time you go training, Bob Make sure the gate is open Me Olympic aspirations are shattered Like sprinting and pole vaultin' After the A&E patched me up They sent me for some consultin' Both doctors agreed as they do A marvellous effort for seventy two.
The glory of Labor, and the bringing together not only representatives of all the trades and products, but, fraternally, of all the Workmen of all the Nations of the World .
In Christianity, the pigeon is loved and known as a holy bird that values people living fraternally, peace and heart happiness.
The tete-a-tete served its purpose, yielding a famous snapshot in which Picasso's arm rests fraternally on Zhang's shoulder.
The Hull Scots' desire to fraternally celebrate St Andrew's Day in traditional fashion and to 'aid indigent Scotsmen, their wives, widows and children as may be resident in or passing through Hull' echoes the stated aims of the Belfast Scots.
The committee asked, "May not the master be prepared to break the bonds of the slave, and the oppressive ruler led to dispense justice to the subject, and the proud Brahmin fraternally to embrace the man of low caste?
And the child was crying again, a stranger in the car, this sporting character, related to someone I didn't know at all, a boy who was sucking all this subliminally in, the violence and the dusty car ride and the swamp like a grand earthly coadunation, all its bugs fraternally singing, sprawling away just out the window.
Accordingly, the body language and relative positioning of the father and son oscillate throughout the film, with some sequences emphasizing separation and hierarchy (usually during moments when the father feels especially weighed upon by the urgency of retrieving his bike and stalks off heedless of his son's difficulties in keeping up) and others emphasizing solidarity and equality (as when father and son fraternally sit down together to a meal).
My own fraternally open relationship to him has grown ever stronger and clearer, and to-day I see him more strongly and clearly than ever before.
Later in the scene the ghosts of Gloucester and Winchester, sitting fraternally next to each other, confronted Suffolk with the consequences of his actions.
Speak Fraternally but Carry a Stick: South American Difference, ECONOMIST, May 31, 2008 [hereinafter Speak Fraternally] (discussing evolution of SACN).