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Synonyms for frankness

Synonyms for frankness

the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech

the trait of being blunt and outspoken

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An inquest into the deaths of three Army reservists - including one from North Wales - heard how the experienced winchman had been left shocked by the frankness of the response.
Even with his call for bishops to speak with frankness, Pope Francis highlighted that they too shall "listen with humility."
Danny Katz and Mitch Vane have previously worked together delivering books which may horrify parents with their grossness and frankness but which children love for the same reason.
Prince Mishaal bin Abdulaziz also lauded the frankness and prudent stand of the other leaders of the GCC by the side of the decisions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques which contributed to the success of the summit.
It is not often I find myself agreeing with a Mail writer, but her honesty and frankness in speaking out about a subject which affects an awful lot of women and men is to be applauded.
Speaking to reporters after the meeting, delegation leader Nabatieh MP Mohammad Raad said: "It was an excellent meeting marked by complete frankness and fruitful and constructive discussions.
With charming frankness, "Songs of the Darkness" is a fine assortment, highly recommended.
He treats issues surrounding coming out, lifestyle choices, relationships, sexuality, reactions to stigmatization, aging, identity, and emotional disorders with frankness. The guide includes case vignettes, advice on when to seek professional help and choose a therapist, therapy options, and a summary of the main types of theories of the origins of homosexuality.
Several leaders of the Tunisian labour union movement, who had known the late Ahmed Tlili, were keen on paying posthumous tribute to this great trade union activist who, they stressed, was known for his courage, his frankness, his strong support to pluralism and human rights principles and, inevitably, his rejection of political repression and unilateral decision-making.
It added, "The have also agreed on establishing objective environments in preparation for dialogue based on frankness starting from where Erbil negations ended, urging all to avoid straining the political atmosphere and calling to hold to previously reached agreements toward solving out standing disputes." / End.
I'd hoped that the keeper's weeping might herald a new era of emotional frankness among footballers.
It is a testimony to his intense devotion to a resolution of the Afghan problem and his strong support for Pakistan, that we were able to establish a relationship of mutual respect and total frankness in all our deliberations.
The launch is being supported with a marketing campaign that aims at a new level of frankness in discussing the efficacy of toilet paper, which has remained largely taboo.
His frankness throws new light on his relationship with the Prime Minister, who has confirmed that he will keep Mr Darling on as Chancellor after the general election if Labour wins.
The judge ruled the evidence showed that "some Security Services officials appear to have a dubious record relating to actual involvement, and frankness about any such involvement, with the mistreatment of Mr Mohamed when he was held at the behest of US officials".