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Synonyms for frangible

easily broken or damaged

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capable of being broken

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Considerations for Incorporating Frangible Seals in POC Test Platforms
It has joined representatives from the FAA, a number of university professors, engineers and two other industry organisations in the Joint Airfield Frangible Study Group (JAFSG), working together to support and implement programmes to drive greater improvements and safeguard some 3.
MagSafe ammunition is expensive, thanks to the way the frangible projectile is manufactured.
7 x 99 mm rounds during 2014, though no frangible versions are foreseen in those calibres.
Some frangible bolts in the vehicle's front and rear wheel modules are designed to break during IED or land mine explosions.
Water-mist using nozzles which activate individually due to the heat of a fire (with frangible bulb release elements) are used to protect low fire loads, such as accommodation, data centres and offices.
Inversion Method--A resin saturated liner is moved into position by attaching it with a frangible connection to an inversion bladder.
Pollite has won six major airfield contracts since the spring of 2010 and has seen its specialist frangible masts installed at commercial, civil and military airfields in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.
A new weaving technique was used to form the tubular webbing and a frangible edge that allows the belt to split and the airbag to deploy.
The insulating sheath is of polymeric material embedded with a plurality of pellets, each pellet having a frangible shell containing a liquid sealing material that solidifies when the frangible shell is broken and thereby filling in any voids in the polymeric material.
plagues as cracked as the prayer each frangible moon
Expanded Centerfre Rifle lines including the new Fiocchi Frangible Non Toxic line.
The possible uses of plastic components, bulk production plastic disposable containers, frangible wet/dry systems, individual devices and containers are only limited the uses by our imagination.
It will incorporate anti-counterfeit technologies into the packaging, including micro-printing, holography, taggants, threads, frangible papers, and digital watermarks.
While Covenant rejoins an epic vision of meaning to his modern ironic viewpoint, characters native to an epic worldview temper it with modern self-awareness, creating an alloy more effective than frangible heroic purity.