frame of reference

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Synonyms for frame of reference

the particular angle from which something is considered

Synonyms for frame of reference

a system of assumptions and standards that sanction behavior and give it meaning

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In the absence of guidance, 6- and 10-year-old children preferentially use the frame of reference provided by the room rather than strategies based on the model (Figure 1D-E) or the body (Figure 1F).
It thus becomes clear that the fact that Islamists who have been victorious in the elections share with the other political constituents of their countries a single national frame of reference takes away a great deal from the delusion of a supposed international Islamist organization.
The form the frame of reference may take has not been decided.
Rather, the counselor approaches the counseling process with curiosity and a wanting-to-know attitude that will enrich the counselor's experience in knowing and understanding the client's frame of reference.
While several of the recent books that study the black female body have included historical contexts as a frame of reference and celebrity endorsements, Black Bodies simply applauds the black woman for the "freedom" she personifies.
The time for denial is over; Jews and Christians must forever be in each other's spiritual frame of reference if we hope to avoid the destructive sinfulness of the past.
And even if they are committed Christians, or from any other religion, their frame of reference is still within a media-saturated cultural environment.
Although she does not draw attention to alternative strands of racialization that focused upon intra-European "markers" of linguistic, mythical and cultural difference, her approach is entirely justified within the Atlantic frame of reference.
Chicago Director Derek Vandeberg, CPF Frame of Reference Bigfork, Mont.
The WebTrust standards help improve the safety of Internet transactions by giving auditors a frame of reference for detecting deficiencies in CAs' performance.
12] When stakeholders perceive something, they essentially attempt to fit that event into a preestablished frame of reference.
This policy statement provides a frame of reference by which the Service's procedures and standards for evaluating offers can be more readily understood.
If the CPA profession takes the lead in developing the concept, the ground rules will be consistent with our frame of reference and culture.
They also provide a frame of reference that encourages, and in some cases requires, the sponsors and managers of mine action programs and projects to achieve and demonstrate agreed levels of effectiveness and safety.