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Synonyms for fragrant

Synonyms for fragrant

having a pleasant odor

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495) comes fragrantly fermented and with delicate shrimps floating around.
The leaves and flowers have been stripped from the stems of the rosemary and sit fragrantly waiting.
The ice cream is made with a black spicy chai loose tea blend from Doncaster based speciality tea company, The Tea Experience, and is fragrantly spiced with notes of aniseed, ginger, black pepper, cloves and chicory.
We then take a twenty-page journey through the classic ingredients of this most sociable of feasts: nuts, pickles, patties, dips, spreads and salads, rolls and stuffed vegetables, fragrantly spiced yoghurt sauces and flatbreads.
Her dishes are light and varied and fragrantly tasty, so much so that you can define virtually every individual ingredient in the moment of savouring the overall taste.
In either muted, darker shades or wishy-washy watercolours, these are the florals that look fragrantly seductive rather than an assault on your eyeballs.
Prescott said: "The new rules will result in a self-appointed number [of times a horse can be hit] being fragrantly exceeded time and time again, particularly in the bigger, higher-profile events.
The coca steamed fragrantly in the saucepan; geraniums bloomed on the sills and there were chrysanthemums.
With so much more to offer than the dessert bowl, the versatile strawberry with its fragrantly sweet juiciness and deep red colour can brighten up both the taste and appearance of any meal.
Moreover, the complicity of the African Union (AU) through its council for Peace and Security (AUPSC) with the government of Sudan is fragrantly clear and will not help in resolving the 8-year conflict in Darfur but would lead to more suffering of the people by prolonging the crisis.
Muzammil who came there with his family told this agency that the air, once fragrantly fresh and exhilarating, is redolent with exhaust fumes, greasy smoke from fast food joints and the stench, on a hot day, of rotting garbage and a choked sewage system.
Substantial lamb meatballs and chunks of turnip - a hugely underrated vegetable - sat in a fragrantly, deftly spiced sauce that included dried fruits and nuts to create a dish bursting with flavour and texture.
I can cite certain UK poetry and literature journals--Poetry Review, The Liberal, Poetry London et al--who are all fragrantly undemocratic in how they deal with their contributors and submitters, mostly never even responding to you at all if you submit to them (not that I do anymore).
inhibit and so delicately, very greenly and fragrantly unlimit.