fractional currency

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paper currency in denominations less than the basic monetary unit

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Fractional currency also designed by Figueroa carry a seated shirtless hunk of a man who probably got toned from constant exercise with hammer and anvil.
Among his rare collection, he owns the First Postal Currency Stamp, also called Fractional Currency, issued in 1866 during the Civil War in the Honduras.
Fractional currency came in denominations of a dollar, half-dollar, quarter, dime, and half-dime.
The Specie Resumption Act was passed, providing for redemption of fractional currency for specie beginning on Jan.
E[acute accent]August 25th will feature items such as $1 gold coins, Graded Carson City Silver Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, Capped Bust pieces, Mercury Dimes, Seated Dimes, Walking Liberties, Buffalo Nickels, Lincoln Pennies, Indian Head Pennies, Fractional Currency, Large Notes, Star Notes, Silver Certificates and Proof and Mint Sets.
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