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Synonyms for fraction

Synonyms for fraction

a component of a mixture that has been separated by a fractional process

a small part or item forming a piece of a whole

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Player 2 now needs to create a proper fraction that meets the criterion established by Player 1 from the remaining seven cards.
The researchers blended chickpea flour with yellow pea starch fraction or yellow pea flour at 10%, 20% and 30% levels.
Fraction 1 was named as alkaline fraction which was same as obtained from the dissolution of fish scales in 0.
The imposition of ultrasound further decreases the gel fraction and crosslink density of the decrosslinked XHDPE with the effect increasing with the ultrasonic amplitude.
An ejection fraction of 35 to 39 percent is moderately below normal and is considered mild heart failure, when the left ventricle doesn't contract strongly enough and less blood is pumped throughout the body.
Studies have shown that teachers and students, have difficulties on fraction concept and division in fractions [17,18].
Genotoxicity of Carum copticum essential oil fractions: Genotoxic potential of Carum copticum essential oil fraction F1 was evaluated on lymphocytes extracted from a healthy human donor's blood.
multiply across the numerators to get the resultant fraction.
Fractions are a necessary skill and show up in every grade levels Common Core Standards beginning in second grade.
The left ventricle is the heart's main pumping chamber, so ejection fraction is usually measured only in the left ventricle (LV).
i) # 200 wheelie bins plastic of 120 l for the collection of the fraction packagings in plastic / metal;
Due to high antioxidant activity the methanol fraction was used to rescue the oxidative stress induced neurotoxicity in zebrafish embryos.
Students face difficulty with conceptualizing a fraction as a number in the form of a/b, where b is not zero.
In Lesson 2 (Appendix B), with the aid of the virtual manipulative Fractions, the V-P-A approach was used to further strengthen the conceptual understanding of equivalent fractions by getting pupils to list out eight equivalent fractions of a given fraction.