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Synonyms for foyer

entrance hall

Synonyms for foyer

a large entrance or reception room or area

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"A key objective of the project is to activate the foyers spaces outside performance hours - to bring daytime activity through an enhanced learning and participation programme and an expanded concert and event programme, increase spend on bars and catering, and provide rentable spaces for hospitality and corporate events."
En effet, une moyenne de 11 foyers, a Uu[c]tUu[c] enregistrUu[c]e, par jour durant cette semaine soit une hausse importante.
If the living room is the heart of the home where courtesies, hospitalities and fond moments are shared, the foyer or the entryway is the prologue where first impressions are made and warm welcomes are dedicated.
"The success of the Foyers lies in the fact that they tackle parenting needs as part of a tailored programme, not just for young mothers but for their partners too," she says.
Coventry Foyer, in Lower Holyhead Road, opened four years ago to provide homes for 63 people aged between 16 and 25 who could potentially be on the streets.
God wanted them to create new centres for formation and spiritual renewal, Foyers of Light, Charity, and Love.
Foyers require residents to take part in developing their own action plan into employment, and the residents in the Foyer are linked to a commitment to the action plan.
Since the pieces often evoke powerful responses in viewers, the company tries to position high-profile pieces in architecturally striking areas, such as atriums and foyers. For instance, a Lucchesi sculpture of Jacob sleeping on the ladder of heaven towers imposingly next to the corporate dining room, where visitors invariably are struck by its symbolic imagery, Chellgren reports.
Visitors and guests will be ushered into a spectacular three- story high grand foyer and lobby court, destined to be one of New York's great meeting places.
En effet, durant la periode du 1 e Juin au 1 e aout en cours, il a ete enregistre 286 foyers ayant parcouru une superficie de 1 263 ha dont 744 ha de foret.
The Foyer Federation supports and accredits 130 Foyers around the UK (including three others in Birmingham) who work with around 10,000 young people a year.
The project, aimed at 16 to 25-year-olds is run by the Foyer Federation, an umbrella organisation for foyers which offer accommodation and training under one roof for young people who need help to get their careers started.
383 foyers d'incendies de forets, ayant parcouru une superficie totale de 17 400 ha durant la periode allant du 3 au 9 aout, selon le communique de la Direction generale des forets (DGF).
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