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a ballroom dance in quadruple time

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Donovan's brush with the axe came as a surprise after he and dance partner Kristina Rihanoff put on a stunning Singing in the Rain fox-trot that judges had placed third on the leaderboard, seven points ahead of Savage.
Fox-trot, waltz or tango, give them a whirl before deciding.
She decided to open a gay dance studio and have Jason and De Vries run it-before long the guys were teaching the fox-trot on Santa Monica Boulevard.
As a girl, she perfected the fox-trot in the hotels of St.
Two of the most difficult are the fox-trot because of its technique and mambo because of its timing.
IF the tango twists your lemons, and the fox-trot gets you frisky, then Graham Norton wants to hear from you.
The line flows like music; the bodies--every bit as important as the head--waltz, fox-trot, shimmy, shake.
At tea dances and speakeasies, the Charleston craze softened to the slow fox-trot. The Allies withdrew military control of Germany following the "war to end all wars," riots and a general strike took place in Vienna after the acquittal of Nazis for political murder, and on Germany's Black Friday its economic system collapsed.
Fox-Trot: Can be danced to almost any good 4/4 meter music Tempo ranges from slow to medium speed
Theirs was the only jazz-infused number among the waltz, rumba, paso doble, cha-cha/swing and fox-trot.
It was, in fact, a slow fox-trot, He said, sheepishly, "Er, I forgot." Now his moustache is no longer long.
Las canciones que compuso se escuchan en todo el mundo y cubrio generos musicales tan diversos como bolero, chotis, fox-trot, pasodoble, vals, danzon y tango, entre otros.
North-East-born Mills and partner Jonathan Roberts scored 18 out of 30 for her fox-trot ( and in the end it was her upper body movement that drew criticism.
When she was younger, lively Betty enjoyed tennis and dancing, particularly waltzing and the fox-trot.