fox grape

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native grape of northeastern United States

purplish-black wild grape of the eastern United States with tough skins that slip easily from the flesh

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To frame a wreath, collect supple willow whips, or better, vines of native fox grape or bittersweet in the North, kudzu or musk grape in the South.
com; Ph: 843-671-2286; Fax: 843-671-7624; Hilton Head Preparatory School; 8 Fox Grape Road; Hilton Head, SC 29928
While the Old World had one grape species of note, America had several, including fox grapes (Vitis labrusca), river-bank grapes (Vitis riparia), and muscadine grapes (Vitis rotundifolia).
The term probably signified a certain earthy aroma, or it might be that fox grapes were called that because foxes enjoyed them.
To extract all the juice from a big kettle of concord or southern fox grapes, add just enough pure, soft water to cover.
Burning bushes are natural phenomena: roses of sharon in fencerows, fox grapes and swollen concords, privet hedges in boxcar trim, clapboards, bless them, horizontal if not plumb, and manmade signs dazzled on the pavement.