fowling piece

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a light shotgun used for fowling

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The rich, dark soil has rewarded you with fine tobacco crops and you've indulged yourself by ordering a fowling piece from the local gunmaker.
Over time, the flintlock ignition replaced the matchlock, and the blunderbuss was replaced with the single- and double-barreled English fowling piece. In the South, during the Revolutionary War, faced with a desperate shortage of muskets, the colonists used the fowling piece as a close-quarters combat weapon while ambushing the redcoats on the flanks of their line formations and shooting the horses from under their cavalrymen.
Let's face it, explaining to your significant other that you need to spend another $1,000 on a new fowling piece won't go over well.
Rare gunners still use a favorite double 8 or even 4 bore fowling piece, but that's becoming more and more uncommon.
I use the rifles for hunting big game and fowling piece shotguns for bird hunting It's a great way to understand the true reality of our history."
The Xtrema2 also features Beretta's new AQUA metal finish, and since it has proven itself capable of resisting rust during 150 hours of salt-spray testing in the lab, you don't have to worry about seeing your new fowling piece turn red on a rainy day in the blind.