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area consisting of a small depression in the retina containing cones and where vision is most acute

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Perry, "Real-time foveated multiresolution system for low-bandwidth video communication," in Human Vision and Electronic Imaging III, vol.
In this and in the following two studies, distracter stimuli were presented surrounding the target in the center of screen, occupying a region less than 12 cm in diameter, so that stimuli would fit well within the participant's visual field (see Bargh & Chartrand, 2000) but could not be foveated as easily as the entire stimulus array in the classic flanker.
They cover digital picture compression and coding structure, vision modeling, coding artifacts and visual distortions, video quality testing, perceptual video quality metrics, the "philosophy of picture" quality scale, structural similarity based image quality assessment, vision model based impairment metrics, computational models, the no- reference quality metric for degraded and enhanced video, HVS based perpetual video encoders, perceptual image coding, foveated image and video coding, artifact reduction by post-processing in image compression, reduction of color bleeding in DCT block-coded video, error resilience for video coding service and critical issues and challenges.
Another possibility is that distraction might impair change detection by degrading the attentional processing of foveated information.
When the point of the arrow is foveated, many more cortical cells will process information about the point than will fire to the rest of the arrow, even if the tail is many times larger than the point.
Exploit foveated imaging techniques which are used by humans and insect to effectively have both wide field of views as well as high resolution in areas of interest.