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area consisting of a small depression in the retina containing cones and where vision is most acute

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The mapping of the spatial relationship between the foveate object and the more peripheral parts of our visual image helps us to interpret our visual world.
Clypeal medial process developed; dorsal and external surface strongly foveate, apex smooth; internal surface densely foveate; inner and external margins slightly sinuous; apex rounded, reflexed.
In the earliest study, Yarbus (1967) showed that the perception of a complex scene involved a complicated pattern of fixations where the eye is held (fairly) still, and saccades where the eye moves to foveate a new part of the scene [3].
5 mm wide, apex not apiculate, in lateral view the the posterior elliptic, in apical view contour elliptic, 5-lobed, cuticle foveate, testa smooth, dark brown.